Popular myths and misconceptions about beauty
 Impressive appearance, grooming, beauty - in this endeavor, many women. During this aspiration, we are faced with a lot of myths about beauty, who sometimes have to debunk the experience. Today we talk about the most common misconceptions regarding our appearance.

The hair will grow faster ...

And become more thick and dense, if cut or shaved off. This myth of beauty is truth: for example, if you have severely damaged hair long, the shorter haircut helps to improve the appearance of hair, since the shorter the hair, the better he gets food. It is this truth has spawned many myths associated with hair growth. The most popular of them is this: if the body hair to shave, then their place will rise a real black and dense bristles. This is a myth. Yes, when new hair begins to grow, it may appear that they have become thicker - this is only because they have blunt tips, not tapered, like the hair has regrown. Thus it is proved that shaving does not affect the growth and hair thickness.

Another myth concerns the lash, some believe that if you cut off the tips of the eyelashes, they will become longer and thicker. This is misleading.

 Popular myths and misconceptions about beauty

Oh, that's a terrible word cellulite

Many misconceptions exist on the theme of the notorious "orange peel". For example, you can often hear that cellulite is exclusively female illness, while the representatives of the stronger sex is guaranteed to be spared from it. Not at all! Cellulite can be formed, and the man if he had observed an increased content of female hormones.

Often you can hear that in the fight against cellulite different cosmetics for body completely ineffective and the promise of miraculous effect nothing more than a marketing ploy. But in fact, some anti-cellulite remedies are very effective because they contain a lot strengthens the skin that break down fat and increase blood circulation components. Of course, these funds should be used in conjunction with exercise and diet.

 Popular myths and misconceptions about beauty

Skin care

Skin Care - daily sacrament, carried out almost every woman. After all, we want to have a smooth and velvety skin as much as possible for a longer time to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Not surprisingly, the topic of skin care born ever new myths. For example, who among us has not heard that winter should be set aside moisturizer, replacing it with nutritious? In fact, moisturizing the skin and in the winter you need, just changing the order of actions: apply a moisturizer at night or 2-3 hours before leaving the house on the street.

Since we are already talking about skin hydration, let's dispel another myth: that the skin is moisturized and wrinkles for a long time did not appear, it is recommended daily to drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. Certainly, it is a good habit, but, alas, in the hydration does not affect.

 Popular myths and misconceptions about beauty

The body does not breathe?

Specifically separate parts. For example, many believe that the regular use of underarm deodorant in clogging of the pores occurs, which leads to a number of negative consequences. Such a proposition is true only in the case when it comes to antiperspirants, and then flush the remains if the antiperspirant at night, it will be all right.

Another myth concerns nail polish. Some women deliberately refuse to cover the nail plate polish, because they believe that the lacquer film prevents entry into the nail nutrients and oxygen. In fact, the visible portion of the nail is dead and does not require power.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya