Secrets of a beautiful gait
 What distinguishes a true lady? The ability to beautifully, elegantly dressed, be well-groomed? Yes, but not only! Equally important is the ability to walk properly. No expensive dress will not hide heavy or mincing gait, ssutulenny silhouette. But grace and stately posture will always allocate you, even if you will put flashy.

How to achieve a beautiful gait?

It is necessary to put in order all the muscles of the body - and the legs, and abdomen, and back, and to achieve this, regular weight training in the fitness center.

Simple and accessible exercises:

1. Vosmerochka hips.   When drawing eight hips, shoulders remain motionless. If you feel that strongly tense muscles, get a banner. It is very important, because only if your body is flexible, gait is beautiful.

2. Twine It helps stretch the muscles inner thigh. But it without first warm-up and training can not be done.

 Secrets of a beautiful gait

Hunching, all skukozhilas, to tie the knot ...

Remember the "Office Romance" and walking lessons? After all this, and nothing else, makes a woman a woman. What is the key to success? Of course, posture.

You should:

• straighten your back;
• straighten his shoulders;
• Slightly lift the chin;
• gracefully put her head;
• tummy tuck.

 Secrets of a beautiful gait

Make a habit of it all! And remember - you should look easy, natural and at ease, and not as if swallowed count.
If we take the right position causes difficulty, go to the wall, leaning against her neck, shoulders, buttocks and heels. Try to keep it as long as possible. Over time it will cease to be difficult.


Remember mistakes that should be avoided:

1. Strong waving his hands;

2. Regulation "at attention";

3. Fast and frequent Seed legs, as if about to Tripping;

4. sweeping and broad "soldier" has received;

5. Step without a corresponding growth. Low girl marching with giant strides, looks very unsightly, however, as the high lady, mincing melenkimi shazhochkami;

6. Stoop - head down, shoulders hunched posture;

7. Clubfoot (with the hardest, as clubfoot - this is a serious breach of health).

These errors most often occur when a girl in a hurry, so it is always allocated time on the road with a reserve.

 Secrets of a beautiful gait

Make it a rule:

1. Beautiful place feet Slightly turning socks in different directions.

2. Ideally, the heels are like on the same line .

3. Always must move foot and only then - the case . If you do the opposite, gait will never smooth, you will twitch and move jerkily.

4. The step length should be equal to the length of the foot . Do not think, do not walk mincing. Just try - and you will see that go so very convenient. At a broader step may occur aftershocks housing.

5. Legs widely place only if rehearse masculine gait. It is useful to you?

6. podium eight paces in everyday life, it looks ridiculous.

 Secrets of a beautiful gait

Oh, those heels!

Divinely gait can only look at his heels, but they are not all able to walk properly. If you find it hard in high heels, it is better to not risk in vain.

Walking in high heels - a special art. Remember that leg even for a split second before should be on the heel , Do not step directly on the whole foot. And never allow yourself to walk on his heels   with half-bent legs ! The leg on which you moved the center of gravity, it is necessary to straighten.

And yet - Be confident ! Stiffness, doubt their own attractiveness - the main reason because of which develops an ugly gait. Feel its appeal - immediately turn around his shoulders, the gait becomes supple and graceful, and his face will shine smile!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya