Shaving: The most desired advice
 Shaving is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It's simple, fast, painless and cheap. There is only a little trouble in the form of cuts, ingrown hairs, skin peeling ... But if you do everything correctly, this method of hair removal would leave only smooth skin and comfortable feeling.

Problem 1. Darkening of the skin

If you shave your bikini area and underarms, then noticed that the skin darkens after years of shaving due to friction. Solution's Skin in selecting the right products. Use the skin with lightening ingredients such as kojic acid, AHA and BHA acids. But if the skin is sensitive, then before applying an AHA or BHA, wait after shaving a couple of hours to give your skin recover.

Issue 2: Lack of heating the skin

Shave in the shower - that's right. But be patient, and let the hot water and steam to soften the hair, skin and open the pores, affecting the skin of at least a few minutes. The softer skin and hair - the more gentle shave. Soothing and warming up bath before shaving - as a good solution, then heating will occur more evenly. And shave your skin best with a nutritious lotion to the skin is not dried up.

Problem 3: The morning shave

Your husband or boyfriend always shave in the morning, but you should do it in the evening before bedtime. Imagine, razor cuts, not only hair, but also removes the layer of dead cells, "works" as a good scrub. As a result, the skin is irritated and injured. Is it worth it just to expose another test: the sunlight and the wind? The skin needs a little time to recover after shaving. Therefore, it would be better to shave their legs, underarms and bikini area before bedtime.

 Shaving: The most desired advice

Problem 4. Misdirection

As you shave legs? Most of all, promoting a couple of times a razor against the hair growth. This is wrong, this approach leads to scratches, cuts and ingrown hairs. Correct to carry out the procedure of shaving in two stages. First - in the direction of hair growth. And only after that - "against the grain" may be two-fold. Do not forget to reapply shaving lotion, which will further soften the skin before each step.

Problem 5. Irritated skin after shaving

If irritation is often or almost always after shaving - most likely your diet is made up of beauty is not entirely true. Always exfoliate the skin before, rather than after shaving. After shaving avoid peeling in a few days. This approach can help skin stay soft and recover quickly. A bikini area do not need to get involved in scrubs, excessive exposure to sensitive skin bikini can lead to irritation and even infection. To remove hair in the bikini area, use shaving products specifically designed for the bikini.

Problem 6. The bad razor

If you are not satisfied with the results of shaving, it is possible in the razor business? There are special women's razors, but some women prefer men's razors. Men and true, something more effective. One has only to remember that you can not use male lotions and shaving foams, they irritate the skin and destroy women. Electric Shaver is also a valid option for women. Naturally, you should use the razor only individually!

 Shaving: The most desired advice

Problem 7. Lack of hygiene

Often the cause of skin irritation, redness and even browning is a lack of care for the razor and shaving products invalid. It should exclude all funds with a strong odor. Many women are doing the right thing when choosing shaving baby soap, it does not irritate and does not contain allergens. And be sure to monitor the cleanliness of the razor. It should be washed before and after shaving. To clean the razor, you can use a solution of alcohol based.

After shaving the skin can be treated with a special antibacterial ointment, this means alcohol or hormones. Among the popular alternatives to aspirin or hydrogen peroxide. Aspirin to be dissolved in water and treat it with an aqueous solution of the skin. Or, prepare a solution of 3% peroxide or lemon juice.

Problem 8. regrown hair

Shaving is the method of hair removal, which can be used quite often. Therefore, you do not have to worry regrown hair. If in the case of epilator or wax have to wait at least a few days to have grown hairs. That razor can remove even very tiny hairs. The average frequency of shaving can be 1 every 3-4 days. But if the result is not satisfactory, perhaps your hair grow faster, and should pick up a razor, without waiting for 3-4 days.
Author: Julia Shestakova