Skin Care in winter How do Norwegians, Swedish women, Canadians
 During very severe frosts skin needs special protection. And best of all to use the secrets of those who live permanently in a very cold and long winters. Let us learn to care for the skin as it is done by the women of the North.

If American "fad" is to protect the skin from the sun, the northern women are more concerned with protection against cold and wind. The sun in the north is not as aggressive, and appears briefly. What do women, several generations of which have a winter that lasts almost half a year?

Secrets from Denmark

Danish joke that they are helped by two things: a thick layer of cream and good genes. But scientists are not joking, but on the contrary, confirmed speculation Danish women about good genes. This code was generated for many centuries, and is based on healthy eating and activity severyanok who do not sit at home even in a hard frost, and continue to do normal daily activities.

As for food, the Nordic diet, indeed, are one of the healthiest in severyanok diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All of these components are found in root vegetables, many familiar to Russians, such as carrots, beets, turnips, artichokes. All these vegetables are very beneficial for the skin, as are a part of the necessary vitamins for example, vitamin A (carrots) helps regenerate skin cells, and vitamin C (rutabaga) prevents wrinkles. Add to that the abundance of fish in the diet, and you pozaviduete Norwegians and Danes, who get a huge amount of valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from herring, salmon, mackerel. And another advantage - northern berries. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, cloudberries - These berries are considered a delicacy throughout the world, and Severyanka eat them every day, and drink berry liquors and juices, receiving health benefits and long-lasting anti-aging effects.

 Skin Care in winter How do Norwegians, Swedish women, Canadians

Secrets from Sweden

Swedish women say they age beautiful than any woman in the world. And all thanks to his trademark secrets care. By the way, scientists agree with them, because in the past years, several studies have the most beautiful women of the world were called Ukrainians and Swedish women.

Swedish women do not often use decorative cosmetics. More value matte makeup, it looks more natural in conditions of severe winter than a brilliant person. The haze is achieved simply: you need to put make-up brushes are not and never your fingers, sponge, powder - puff.

The main problem of Swedish women, like all severyanok, - the loss of moisture from the frosty air. If the Swede out on the street for a long time, they will take with them the drink in a thermos, or go to the cafe to drink juice or plain water. Drink in the North is vital, the body quickly loses moisture. Generally, it is believed that all the Scandinavian drink a lot of water, more than women in other regions of Europe, 15 to 20 times a day.

 Skin Care in winter How do Norwegians, Swedish women, Canadians

The deficit of moisture affects the skin care. Swedish women do not like peeling, because it deprives the skin layer of sebum - a natural moisturizer and protective barrier of the skin. Instead of peeling favorite way to thoroughly clean the face - a steam bath. Wet steam opens the pores, cleans them, but does not deprive the skin of moisture. Working Swede did not spend much time a steam bath: they include hot water from the tap and lean over the sink. Then use the most popular in Sweden homemade mask: egg white and half a teaspoon of honey. Leave the mask on the face and neck for 15 minutes, wash off and enjoy a young and smooth face.

Swedish women also have their "secret weapon" in the diet, which allows you to promote health and protect the skin from aging. It rose, rich in vitamin C. Rose hips are included in many national dishes, drinks (including alcoholic), homemade medicines.

 Skin Care in winter How do Norwegians, Swedish women, Canadians

Secrets from Norway

One popular beauty rituals in cold Norway - dry skin brushing. It is clear that the ritual was born at a time when there was no running water and advanced technology heating. And in order to save water and heat, the inhabitants of the northern regions of Norway before washing the face and body are first cleaned with a dry brush, and then washed with water without soap. This technique allows you to clear dead skin cells, dirt, massage, keeping the top protective layer of the skin. And by the way, still in Norwegian families practiced massage children dry soft brush before bathing. In such a cold massage allows you to activate blood circulation, warm up and does not get sick after swimming.

 Skin Care in winter How do Norwegians, Swedish women, Canadians

One study in 2012 called the Norwegians happiest women in the world. The reason is that Norwegians tend to find work in the soul, like to communicate and move, and still prefer the natural beauty and naturalness.

Norwegians, like the Russian, like to use ice cubes as a tonic in the morning. This eliminates the swelling and awakens skin. But they make the ice cubes in his own way. First, mineral water was boiled, then steeped in it white or green tea, and freeze in the freezer. Worth a try!

Secrets from Canada

Canadians living in the northern regions, never wash the face with soap and water. Modern Canadians are using liquid soap and cream lotions. And with this secret will not argue, now it is promoting almost all beauticians and beauty experts, and not only in the cold season.

The secret of England

Winters in England, too, are quite harsh and windy. Under these conditions, dry and cracked skin of the face - the frequent phenomenon. But British women find their salvation. This glycerol. Creams and lotions with glycerin included in the daily care of almost every inhabitant of Albion winter. Glycerin reduces dryness and redness of the skin retains moisture. Means with glycerine treated hands, nose, lips at the exit to the street.

 Skin Care in winter How do Norwegians, Swedish women, Canadians

The secret of Finland

Finnish sauna - is not only a business card of the country, beckoning tourists. Finns themselves and Finn regularly saved in the sauna from winter depression and melancholy. For Finnish sauna women - an essential element of cleansing the skin. Severyanka prefer deep cleansing and exfoliation in the sauna in the winter rather than the daily friction of the skin. Go to the sauna often, many people have saunas in their homes and apartments. Bowie applied to the skin the composition of honey and salt and sweat with him in the sauna to sweat. Then all washed and moisturize the skin. Simple and effective!

There have also skandinavok recipe saunas ... without sauna. The effect of the sauna (dry heat) can be created directly on the skin. In a handful of rock salt are added olive oil and about 10 drops of eucalyptus oil organic. If you rub the body with this mixture - you will feel the heat. This composition improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins. Then simply rinse with warm water composition. Here is a Finnish sauna in a normal city apartment.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin