Spa-respect to the output: how to relax the body and soul
 Sometimes you look at your reflection in the mirror, and there - a disappointment: the extinct eyes, ugly complexion, hunched back ... There is chronic fatigue and loss of interest in life. We must immediately take action! If you can not immediately go on vacation, arrange a weekend spa-salon right at home. Fortunately, it can be done without much difficulty, but the result will please, and in the mirror you will again look cheerful, relaxed and blooming woman.

So, how to arrange a spa-off? We take note of the steps:

1) Have a plan in advance of the day

Planning - our all, if you want to hold off for the benefit of body and soul. So on the eve of the much-anticipated event should complete all current cases, turn off the phone, to take care of healthy menu for the day to come, distribute a rough plan of relaxing treatments.

2) Preparation - half the battle

In order not to waste precious minutes of well-deserved rest on the pesky things like find the necessary attributes, it is recommended to prepare for the exit. Suppose that in a certain place you waiting in the wings bathrobe, towels or sheets, means to care for face and body, candles, music CDs.

 Spa-respect to the output: how to relax the body and soul

3) the Hour "X"

The most common and favorite way of relaxation - bath and beauty treatments associated with it. After aqueous bliss certainly plan time to rest, after which we can again begin to religious rite like manicure, pedicure, facial masks.

4) A worthy conclusion of the evening

To fix the effect of the previous procedure, it is important to come to the final final chord. What will it be - it's up to you, reading your favorite book at bedtime, pleasant thoughts in absolute silence, a quiet evening with family gathered together in the household, etc.

 Spa-respect to the output: how to relax the body and soul

A few tips for the perfect spa-output:

• spa involves the use of marine or freshwater algae, salt, essential oils, mud wraps on their basis, therefore please fill up your arsenal and find suitable recipes of beauty;

• if you plan to soak in the bath more than 15-20 minutes, do not make the water too hot. Otherwise, you may feel dizzy, headache and lethargy, but it's not in our plans.

• to create a sensual atmosphere take care of the appropriate background music. Typically, spa-treatments are accompanied by the sounds of nature or oriental motifs, but on request can be diluted with their favorite classic tunes.

• After taking a bath in which you can add different ingredients, it's time to pamper the skin of the body, face and hair. Apply all the means at the same time, a body wrap with cling film, wrap if you do, and enjoy 20-30 minutes of peace and quiet.

• Rest between procedures - an indispensable element of the proper spa-day. You can take a nap for an hour, but not more than 2, or feel tired, just lie down in silence, eyes closed, look through the ladies' magazine, have a cup of tea ... In general, do what gives you pleasure.

• For many women - not afford to spend the entire output exclusively themselves. Well, we understand: sometimes things can not wait. In this case, it will be enough to allocate a couple of hours relaxing stay in solitude, to feel cheerful and full of energy.

 Spa-respect to the output: how to relax the body and soul

The desire to give yourself a good rest at a very modest cost - what else is needed in women for the ideal weekend in the walls of his apartment? In the few hours that you give yourself, you will appreciate not only its own look and feel, but also relatives and friends. After all, they want to see you always young, beautiful and in a good mood.
Author: Anna Hodchenkova