Stretch marks during and after pregnancy
 Every, loving and respecting the woman is worried about the state of their skin. Especially women experience during pregnancy that they may appear streamers. They occur quite often and then the ugly look on his stomach and thighs. But it is a problem that can be easily avoided.

From what appear stretch marks?

Stretch marks (striae) - a defect of the skin, in the form of strips of different sizes, with color from white to red and purple. Stretch marks are caused by discontinuities of the skin tissue. All people have different elasticity of the skin and for many it simply can not withstand the load and torn. The strength of the fibers, which are at the heart of the epidermis, largely depends on the genetic characteristics of a person. Pregnant stretch marks often appear precisely because of the fact that a woman is gaining weight rapidly, and the skin does not have time to "grow" with the same speed. Therefore, it is simply "torn."

Typically, stretch marks appear in the hips, chest, abdomen and buttocks. However, they can occur not only in pregnant women. Stretch marks can appear even in men. For example, in athletes or in those who are obese. This contributes to dramatic weight gain and failure in the hormonal system.

When stretch marks only appear, they are pinkish-purple. This is due to the fact that new vessels visible through a thin layer of connective tissue. However, with time, if the skin thickens, but not fused, it assumes white color. On striae never falls tan, so that dark skin stretch marks more visible.

 Stretch marks during and after pregnancy

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretching is better to prevent than to get rid of them. Mainly stretch the hips are due to excess weight. That is, the lower your weight gain, the less stretch. So take care of your diet as soon as they saw the two strips on your pregnancy test.

Another of the main reasons for the appearance of scars on the skin are hormones. It is well known that progesterone makes the skin less elastic. This leads to the appearance of stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, even if you had a slight weight gain.

To determine whether you have stretch marks or not, you can ask your mothers and grandmothers, to see whether they have stretch marks during pregnancy. After a big role in skin elasticity is played by heredity. If your ancestors in the female line have never encountered such a problem, then you are to be congratulated! This means that the probability that the stretch will not bother you, at times reduced! Well, those who have in the family still had stretch marks, it is necessary to engage in the prevention of skin in advance.

 Stretch marks during and after pregnancy

Where to start?


Firstly, your meal should be low-calorie - it helps to keep normal weight. Second, the food should be balanced, rich in all minerals and vitamins.


Make regular massage into problem areas. Massage improves blood circulation effectively. Your skin will be more elastic and supple. Then the probability that the extensions will appear on the abdomen, will be much less. You can also wipe the chest soft towel, but do not touch the nipples, as their irritation causes uterine contractions and the risk of premature birth start.

 Stretch marks during and after pregnancy


Well prevents stretch marks a contrast shower, as well as air baths. It is desirable to be rinsed every day, alternating cold water hot. Every day, take air baths for 10-15 minutes. This helps to preserve the optimum condition of the skin and normalizes metabolism in the epidermis.


Comfortable underwear has a supportive effect and prevents stretch marks. Compression tights or stockings can help prevent and varicose veins.


Do exercises for the chest, they improve the skin's elasticity. Such exercises are generally always included in a fitness program for new moms.

 Stretch marks during and after pregnancy

How to get rid of stretch marks?

If you have stretch marks still appear, it is desirable as soon as possible to begin the process to eliminate them. Especially hard to remove the old, bleached stretch. Treatment of stretch marks - a very long process, it may take several months, but the 100% guarantee that they are gone without a trace, no.

Traditional recipes

It is safest for pregnant women - is to remove scars using traditional medicine. A very common among the people the recipe for stretch marks - a mummy. This homemade cream reduces the size, shape and depth of stretch marks, reduces the intensity of the color.

Method of manufacturing:   In a teaspoon of boiling water dissolve 2 - 4 g mummy. Mix with 80-100 g of child or anti-cellulite cream. Rub the resulting mass once a day in the problematic areas.

Good to prevent stretch marks - olive oil with vitamin E.

 Stretch marks during and after pregnancy

Mode of application:   Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with 650 mg of vitamin E. Shake well and apply to those places that need to be protected from the stretch.

  Medical practices

If the pregnancy is over, you can apply for assistance to the beautician. The doctor will examine you and he tells you what treatments you can help. Perhaps it will be chemical peels or laser skin therapy.

You expect the child and in the first place should be your health and the health of the unborn child. And little things like stretching, should not overshadow your life. Well, if they do not appear, but if the striae is still there, your spouse and your kid will love you and them. For the sake of the long-awaited little children can suffer and small stretch marks on the skin.
Author: Marina Sun