Sunscreen - the product must-have for the summer
 Recently, there is a lot of women who think that their filter SPF powder or blush enough to ignore such a product as a sunscreen. Indeed, the market appeared a lot of multi-tasking products, one of their functions is the protection from ultraviolet radiation.

However, these products are not sufficiently summer. Filters in decorative cosmetics or lotions for the body may be exhaustive for the winter, spring and autumn period, but the hot summer you need something more serious. And if we're talking about going to the beach, today impossible to imagine a beach holiday without special sunscreen. Are you still in doubt? Then try to answer your question.

1. Why do I need sunscreen if I do not burn?

The question that is often asked young girls. Unfortunately, to make sure that the product they need, they will only after 20 years, when they start to compare your skin with the skin of those who did not neglect the solar protection. What will happen in 20 years, if you do not apply sunscreen?

- You will face brown spots, unsightly, and like an old man. Or the skin may become discolored.
- You will have more veins on the face, blood vessels and even rosacea.
- You will have more wrinkles, including deep.
- Skin sagging faster will "bulldog" cheeks sag and generally oval face.
- On the shoulders and back will be a lot of freckles and age spots.
- Sagging skin of the body, too, will start faster, because damaged skin loses its elasticity.

Many are afraid of the prospects greater than the risk of cancer of the skin. But there is good news: a clinically proven effect of sunscreen to reduce the risks of skin cancer and all the signs of premature aging that we have listed.

 Sunscreen - the product must-have for the summer

2. Why do I need sunscreen if it deprives me of vitamin D?

The average person needs per day to 600 IU of vitamin D, is 15 micrograms. Such an amount can be obtained by carrying out outdoors from 5 to 30 minutes twice a week. Moreover vitamin D partly ingested with food, if your diet is composed of fish, milk, dairy products, liver, eggs or vitamin supplement of vitamin D.

We can not say that vitamin D may be a long time to stock up for future use. Therefore, a longer stay in the sun without protection is simply useless and, as we discovered, is harmful.

 Sunscreen - the product must-have for the summer

3. What if I do not like the feeling of the cream on your skin?

This is one reason why some do not like sunscreen products. Besides, everyone knows the rule that, being on the beach, sunscreen is updated every two hours. And it is again - get your hands dirty, and again feel the stickiness on the skin.

For those who do not like creams, there's good news - appeared on the market in sunscreen sprays. They are easy to use, no need to get your hands dirty, easy to apply. So now even the most capricious and demanding it is, what to choose.

Another innovation - toning sunscreen. They not only do not leave white residue on the skin, but also align its tone.

 Sunscreen - the product must-have for the summer

  4. I have a sunscreen to last season, can I use it?

This outdated view that the sunscreen can be stored for a long time. Expired means that the tool is no longer "works" because the formula is practically destroyed. By this means you get zero protection from the sun, and maybe even earn irritation.

If you use the tool correctly, it is unlikely that it will have for the next season. It should be noted that the sunscreen only one season, it can take many. The effectiveness of sunscreen comes when it is applied at the rate of 2 mg per 1 square centimeter. This means that for an adult should be taken about 30 mL of cream (small glass) in one application to the whole skin surface. On the face is enough to put 5 ml.

 Sunscreen - the product must-have for the summer

5. Is there no alternative to sunscreen?

We would, of course, could write about hats, umbrellas and awnings. But you obviously expect from us both. What can still provide protection from the sun?

For skin that decision is - it is daytime make-up with a strong degree of SPF. For body skin - tanning lotions, and also with a solar filter. However, in the sun (on the beach) should be continuously updated protection layer, so replace sunscreen products make up only when you are in the sun for long.

It should also be noted that good hydration and nutrition (and outside, and the inside) - helps skin resist the effects of the sun, reduce skin sensitivity to sunlight. To do this, and to enrich their diet, and appearance care products with antioxidants, which help fight the signs of damage. Use cosmetics with a high content of vitamins (especially C and E), at night - with vitamin A (retinol in the daytime makes the skin sensitive to the sun).

Take a multivitamin inside: there are popular and inexpensive summer complexes, specially designed to protect against sun damage. Pay attention to your diet. Fatty acids contained in fish oil, cod, salmon, walnuts - to help make the top layer of skin less sensitive.

Moisturize - an important component of protection from the sun. Note that the sun body and the skin quickly loses moisture, so it is usually 8 glasses of water a day may not be enough. And additionally moisturizes the skin - creams and lotions with olive oil or coconut oil - it will help restore the acidity and prevent dehydration.

 Sunscreen - the product must-have for the summer

6. How to apply sunscreen again if on the face makeup?

The rule is that sunscreen is applied before makeup. And so a logical question: how to update covering every 2 hours, if applied to the face make-up? For this purpose there is a simple piece of advice: do not use make-up products of powdery beach (crisp shadows, blush, powder). If you use make-up cream, then apply sunscreen can be directly on top of make-up.
Author: Julia Shestakova