Tanning: instructions for use
 In the capable hands of tanning can be a real discovery for you. And that was not disappointment, it is worth recalling the basic rules applying bronzer.

Scroll to the application of self-tanning process at least an hour. In this case, it is better not to hurry. Turn off the mobile, television, let you no distractions and no hurries.

1. Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing or laser hair removal should be applied before tanning. The first reason: the coating is smooth. And the second: if you have to shave your legs right after tanning, the effect of shaving gels and destroy even coating. After tanning is better for at least 12 hours is not a walk in shower, the coating stuck better.

 Tanning: instructions for use

2. Peeling

If the skin will be dry and dead skin cells, then in this area lies a darker tan spot. The result will be uneven and unnatural appearance. Exfoliation can be done at home, and it is possible the day before applying the tanning salon to do in massage with exfoliation. If you do exfoliate at home, pay attention to the rough areas of the body: knees, elbows, ankles, toes. For the face, use a cleaner with glycolic or salicylic acid, you can use a brush for the face (eg, Clarisonic), to remove dead cells.

 Tanning: instructions for use

Personal exfoliation:   Avoid all scrubs and peels oil-based, they leave behind traces of oil, which subsequently causes streaks and bumps.

3. Dry skin

Tanning necessarily apply only to dry skin! Therefore, coming out of the shower, wipe thoroughly with a towel and walk around the apartment 10 minutes to the skin get rid of the water completely.

 Tanning: instructions for use

4. Soften the skin

Moisturize the skin, however, it is worth it. You need to choose moisturizing lotion is very light consistency that does not contain oil. Apply where the skin becomes dry in the first place, and where the skin has a certain roughness: around the nostrils on the face, knees, ankles, elbows, and other places where you have dry or rough skin (sometimes individually, and you are sure You know where your skin is not perfect).

 Tanning: instructions for use

It is important to:   do not skip this step, otherwise these parts of the body will get orange or dark spots.

5. Apply the self-tanning

- If tanning emulsion or a mousse.   A small amount of the drug to squeeze his hand and carefully rub into the skin. Start with the top of the feet and calves, hips move in a direction, then the buttocks, abdomen, neck and décolleté. Exactly cause tanning on your back is extremely problematic, so ask someone to help you. On your knees and elbows, apply a thin layer of tanning because skin in these places is better "catches" color.

- If in a spray tanning.   Sprysnite their body and then rub vigorously. Aerosols are better suited for tight spaces.

 Tanning: instructions for use

The correct shade - is another problem. Select the tool is not the desired result, and your skin tone. If you want a more intense color, it can be achieved if after 3-4 days again put means. There are formulas that show the color gradually. It may take 2 to 4 hours to see the end result.

Council:   Apply the product in small portions. Over time distribute no more than 1 teaspoon of funds. And only after it is fully distributed in the skin, take a new batch.

6. Tanning face

To face the main task - do not overdo it with an artificial tan. Take on your fingers the number of funds equal to the diameter of a dime. Apply to the forehead, apples of the cheeks, nose and chin (like a powder bronzer), and distributes the face outward. Particular caution around the nose and the upper lip: it does not need a lot of money, sometimes even desirable to skip these sections so as not to create the illusion of a big nose and mustache.

 Tanning: instructions for use

7. Do not wear immediately

Wait at least 15 minutes before you dress. During this time, tanning will be absorbed, and you do not stain your clothes. In an ideal - do not wear tights in the day light and tight clothing. Try for an hour not to wet skin, a shower and exercise (due to sweat) set aside for 6-8 hours.

Council:   If you suddenly need to get dressed quickly, then hold readiness baby powder or talc. Sprinkle them on the skin, and dress, then tanning, likely will not smear and will remain flat, because it quickly dries.

8. Protect your hands

Immediately after applying tanning should thoroughly wash his hands with soap and water. If you are afraid that the back of the hand also will wash off, then clean with any palm oil with a cotton swab. Clear palm is imperative that they do not appear brown "crack."

 Tanning: instructions for use

9. bug fixes

If suddenly something went wrong, and tanning lay down stripes or spots, do not worry, all can be corrected. Use to remove tanning freshly squeezed lemon juice or rub the skin of half a lemon.

10. Save result

Tanning can hold up to 14 days. You can enhance it by updating a layer of self-tanning every 3-4 days. Over time, you can get a magnificent golden hue. As part of some tanning can find substances that contribute to exfoliate dead skin cells, making the tan more even and stable.

It is important to:   For cleaning, use a mild detergent. Avoid cosmetic ingredients like retinol, and also for the treatment of acne, because these products lighten the skin, and even dissolved layer tanning.
Author: Tamara