Tanning Starter
 Get bronzed skin, tormenting himself sun - the last century. For health is sufficient sun exposure for a few minutes a day. A tan help make a bright modern means - tanning.

If you do not have a relationship with this product, it is likely you were doing something wrong. And learn how to use self-tanning may even be new to this business. For you, our guide.

Step № 1. Peeling

Tanning lies a darker layer to dry skin, so it is important that all the dry and dead cells were peeled - this way you avoid the spot. It is important to make peeling the body, leaving no areas, so do it slowly, in the shower. Apply the scrub in a circular motion and rinse it. But do not recommend using scrub that offer cosmetics manufacturers. In these scrubs contain cream or oil, and purchased exfoliants leave greasy marks. It is best to take a handful of brown sugar oatmeal, or (if the skin is sensitive) and make these simple exfoliating product, or just a normal massage mitten.

Tip for beginners:

- Do peeling immediately before applying bronzer, it will improve the results.

Step № 2. Moisturize

The whole body is not necessary to moisturize, focus only on dry areas. Remember these four areas of concern: the ankles, feet, elbows, knees. Apply them light layer of moisturizer and wait until it is absorbed.

Tip for beginners:

- Do not use oil, it is a long time absorbed.

Step № 3. Protection of nails

If there is a manicure - well, he would not allow the nail plate to absorb the color. You can specifically cover the nails before tanning layer of transparent protective lacquer. And if the nails are uncoated, they should be protected to avoid yellowing. Apply on the nails of hands and feet a layer of petroleum jelly.

Tip for beginners:

- Even if there is nail polish, we recommend to put a brush or toothpick petroleum jelly on the cuticle, then it will not brown after the procedure.

- In the salons offer clients the special caps to protect the nail from tanning. You can buy the same.

 Tanning Starter

Step № 4. The application of self-tanning

Technique of the product depends on its type: this product is a cream, spray or wipe. But there is one universal rule that covers the body from the bottom up (from the feet to the head), this ensures that the color does not flow into the folds of the skin, and will not accumulate there.

The product in spray is best suited for beginners. But keep the jet at arm's length to avoid streaks. Another product for beginners - cloth or sponge, they give a perfect result without streaks and bands.

 Tanning Starter

Again, remember about four problem areas, which were discussed in a step № 2. After the product has covered the whole body, take a damp cloth (fabric) and dab the ankles, feet, elbows, knees. Another option - to add to these areas a little moisturizer. All this is done in order not to be spotted, and the color of the whole body remained flat.

Any means, especially in the form of a lotion, will require some time to dry. So do not rush to put on, wait a few minutes. Sometimes funds are a pungent smell. It usually takes place quickly, although some means to retain flavor 8:00!

 Tanning Starter

Tip for beginners:

- Choose a facility that is slowly gaining color, by layering. That is, the first layer is completely transparent, and the color will be satisfied as the use of tanning. Reapply the best to do every 2 days.

- Carefully read the product instructions. There are tools that appear as if with time. Then you will see the final result only after 24 hours. If you have just such a tool, do not rush to put a new layer until saturation of the first vote.

 Tanning Starter

Step № 5. Cleansing palms

Wash your hands as soon as the process is finished. The longer the vehicle will remain on the palms - the more difficult it will be to clean up afterwards. And this is - the ugly brown stripes and folds on the hands, they look extremely aesthetic. Wash hands can be a mild soap and warm water.

The problem in the fact that tanning can be painted not only the body but also the surrounding area. Carefully inspect the bathroom and shower. The principle of purification is the same: the faster you clean the stain, the easier it will turn out.

Tip for beginners:

- If you do not like the result - you can fix it, if you act quickly. You will need: cleanser, scrub, warm water, sponge or mittens. A fresh layer of tanning can be alleviated before it is completely absorbed and dries on the body.
Author: Julia Shestakova