The fight against stretch marks: efficient salon treatments and home care
 The main problem of the body beauty of the fair sex has traditionally been considered cellulite. Unfortunately, in recent years, along with the women began to disturb him stretch. Previously this was a cosmetic defect lot of pregnant women and new mothers, but today do not suffer from it except that the girls who have not reached puberty.

Stretch marks, or as they called the language of medicine - striae, are caused by micro-breaks in the skin of her intense stretching. Sharp fluctuations in body weight, rapid growth during puberty, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, hormonal disruptions, and other state of the body stretch the skin just prior to its foundation. Joining thinned skin body has connective tissue, the one that "sews" the edges of wounds, sometimes forming scars. Thus, on the surface of the skin appears pink and purple stripes, which eventually brightens, becoming white.

Preventive measures

If the genetic aspect of the occurrence of stretch marks affect quite difficult, and hormonal nature is better not to adjust without urgent need for it, then a prerequisite for stretch marks as a weight change (does not matter in the plus or minus) can and should be minimized. For this purpose, reduce weight gradually, no more than four kilograms per month. In doing so, you not only will save your skin from stretch marks, but also prevent it from sagging, and simultaneously reduce the probability of a "boomerang effect" - a quick return of lost body weight.

If, however, you will definitely need to lose weight "here and now", use the body against stretch marks - cosmetic oils, serums, creams. They all contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, vitamins A, C and E. However, it is necessary to put them on a daily basis, otherwise the effect can not count on.

Support the elasticity of the dermis can be using a special diet. Eat more protein and foods with a high content of vitamin E (eg, nuts).

There will be more than welcome contrast shower on a regular basis. Improve blood circulation, and thus increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin to help vacuum massage.

 The fight against stretch marks: efficient salon treatments and home care

Eliminating the existing problems

Alas, a reliable method of elimination of existing stretch marks to date has not yet been invented. But one thing is beyond doubt - the sooner you start to rid your skin of this cosmetic defect, the higher your chances of success. The ideal time to eliminate stretch marks - when they are still pink and purple.

Cabin treatments

Seaweed wraps

It is extremely effective not only in the treatment of cellulite, which is heard by many, but also in the elimination of stretch marks. Outstanding results provide unique and valuable minerals alginic acid, which help to restore the skin's elasticity. The required minimum rate of wraps is 6-15 procedures. The first six should be carried out daily, the remaining nine - once every two or three days.

Laser resurfacing

It can not guarantee the complete solution to the problem, but definitely make stretching less noticeable. For beautiful results take several sessions over one or two months. Their multiplicity appoint beautician you trust the correction of problem areas. His actions will involve the application of a special stimulating cream with vitamin C and followed by burning part of the body to correct the laser beam. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and general anesthesia (for large areas).

Bio Skin Jetting

Modern progressive procedure that is able to turn the broad conspicuous stretch into thin subtle stripes, and in addition, further align the overall tone of the skin. Held a session as follows: under local anesthesia expert "reveals" the skin of the stretch marks special apparatus. In response to an external stimulus that causes microtrauma, the epidermis begins to rapidly updated. Thus, the edge of the "wounds" are drawn together with stretch marks.

 The fight against stretch marks: efficient salon treatments and home care

Home Care

The basis of home care - patience and a comprehensive approach. The ideal will be the next version of the treatment of stretch marks: study of the problem areas using a scrub, the procedure can massage (required on top of cosmetic oils), or a special body wraps, application of anti-stretch marks.

Choose cosmetics containing elastin and collagen; components, softening the connective tissue and retinoids, smoothing uneven skin.

Feel comfortable when visiting public places, involving partial nudity (beaches, swimming pools) can help masking agents. They do not contribute to the elimination of the defect, but give the illusion of a smooth skin.

According to statistics, there are banners in 90% of pregnant women and 70% of young girls. Do not let the problem of gaining the upper hand over you, eliminate it in all possible ways!
Author: Natalia Bartukova