The hair around the nipples? Do not panic!
 Those who are faced with the problem of hair on his chest around the nipples, in the head a lot of questions, the first of which, of course - what to do ?! How to cope with the problem and do not harm your health, because the chest area - delicate and dangerous area.

Of course, the first reaction to the hairs appeared - confusion and panic. It is an aesthetic phenomenon that causes a lot of anxiety. First of all, we must understand the causes.

The first question that we need to understand if you choose to deal with the problem of hair on his chest - they were always or suddenly appeared? If they appeared suddenly and before there were only a few, and now has more - be sure to see your doctor. And go at once, not procrastinate. Most likely, you have hormonal problems.

The main reasons for the growth of hair around the nipples:

1. Surplus male hormones . This phenomenon has been observed during pregnancy, diseases of the endocrine system, while taking hormonal drugs.

2. Transferred by inheritance   susceptibility to growth of hairs, i.e. genetically inherited sensitivity of androgen receptors.

If your doctor has not found problems in the hormonal background, you can calm down a little - in the body there are no serious violations. In this case, the problem is only possible reduction of self-esteem because of the unpleasant features. But you can find a solution!

Because of what can happen hair growth spurt?

1. Due to pregnancy . It is connected with the very hormonal disruptions. This causes great concern should not be - most likely after childbirth and lactation defect will disappear by itself.

2. Due to the reception of various preparations . For example, it is known that corticosteroids hormones can cause hair growth in atypical places, so you should be wary of such drugs as "cortisone", "Prednisolone".

How to cope with the problem?

There are different ways of elimination of hairs, but before resorting to them - think about it. It may be dangerous. What do you more? Health, or getting rid of annoying hair? After all, for example, plucked hairs, you may encounter, such as the appearance of pustules - this is the most harmless. You can gently shave hairs. But note - shaving will cause that they begin to grow more rigid and dark.

Before you begin to remove the hair, should definitely consult with an endocrinologist and seek his permission and advice.

 The hair around the nipples? Do not panic!

If you do decide to remove the hair, will have to resort to one of the following: methods :

1. Tweezers.   Usually resorted to his help if the hair quite a bit. Should pull out in the direction of the growth of fast movement. After the procedure, exposed places should definitely be disinfected. But remember that the effect will be short-lived and may appear a problem of ingrown hairs.

2. Trimming.   The safest way that does not cause any irritation or ingrown hairs. But because he did not completely remove the hair, the effect of it is quite short.

3. Cream for hair removal.   Under the influence of specific substances were removed by a hair, but there is a risk that appear on the skin irritation or inflammation.

4. Electrolysis and waxing   - Painful, unpleasant and risky operations.

5. Electrolysis   - A more radical method, in which the hairs are removed by the action of direct current, which "kills" the growth cells in the hair follicle.

6. Laser hair removal and photo-epilation . These methods help to safely and quickly get rid of hair permanently. To do this it will be necessary to undergo a series of sessions, the number of which will depend on the characteristics of your body. But before heading to the procedure, it is necessary to consult with mammologist.

All of these methods help to get rid only of the symptoms of changes in your body. But effectively eliminate the cause - and its consequences unsightly disappear by themselves. Therefore sees the root!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya