Toothbrush: use for its beauty
 As is known, the toothbrush should be changed every 3 months. But it is not necessary to throw out the old. They will be useful for a variety of home-beauty secrets.

We have no doubt that you keep your toothbrush clean, but old brush, before heading to the store, you need more time (and very well) to clean. To do this, first soak the brush in warm water, then wash using baby soap, be sure to rinse. If between the bristles traces of toothpaste, mechanical cleaning will help.

Here is a collection of ideas of how you can use an old toothbrush for her beauty. Note that each method has its own need a toothbrush, as important not only the original result, but also the safety of your health!

For coloring hair

You have happened that not handy plastic brush for hair dyeing. Brush the paint is applied in any method of coloring: balayazh, highlighting, Ombre and so on. It is important that the brush did not have metal parts. An old toothbrush - what you need. Therefore, if you dye your hair sometimes, do not throw away old brushes: come in handy! By the way, apply the mask on your hair, you can too with an old toothbrush.

 Toothbrush: use for its beauty

For hair

The toothbrush may be for you a completely new styling tool:

- Correct installation. If there are unruly hairs, or unnecessary wave, proceed as follows: drizzle with hair on the brush and smooth the hair. Thick hair? Then the varnish is applied directly to the hair and then smooth brush.

- Make a fleece. Toothbrush is very similar to those professional brushes, used by stylists backstage impressions. Nacheshite hair at the roots with a toothbrush, apply a texturizing spray from above, and the amount will last a long time.

- For dry shampoo. Brunettes sometimes complain that the particles of dry shampoo on the hair visible. Use a toothbrush to comb dry shampoo. A blonde, too, does not prevent such a method, if they try to use a tinted dry spray.

 Toothbrush: use for its beauty


- Even the most sleek CIT faced with dirt under the nails. Take a brush and soap and clean nails.

- Decided to look like with exposed nails? Clean the nail plate with a brush under running water - nails will be perfectly clean and will get a good shine.

- Create your nail art. Dry and hard toothbrush can create fancy patterns and divorces. First, paint your nails in one color, then create avant-garde touches using a contrasting color. Another idea - creative spray. Put a stiff brush nail polish, and then make the texture so that the droplets fall from the bristles to the nails (it requires resilient bristles, which seemed to shoot paint if they bend).

 Toothbrush: use for its beauty

- During the summer, the foot and toe nails quickly become dirty from the urban dust. Soft tooth brush to quickly clean out all the dirt at the end of the day.


Thick eyebrows, you can draw with wax eyebrow and a soft toothbrush. Another idea - to use a lip balm for the same purpose: apply a little balm on the brush and comb his eyebrows. Wax is better to take a colorless, all looked neat and within the boundaries of the eyebrows.

For the lips

The most popular method of preventing dry lips - regular exfoliation. If used for this sugar scrub (brown sugar + water) and an old toothbrush, then the massage will not only get rid of all the dead skin particles, but the bright color of the lips. After massaging the blood circulation and cell regeneration. Instead of sugar, you can use organic honey. After the procedure, be sure to apply a thick layer of oil or balm for lips.

If the lips are very dry, you need to massage them using Vaseline or balm without using abrasive scrubs.

 Toothbrush: use for its beauty

For eyelashes

Do not like the effect of "spider legs" on the eyelashes? Optionally, rinse mascara and apply it again to get rid of stuck together cilia. Just comb lightly with an old toothbrush. All lumps disappear!

For body skin

- Do not get an even layer of tanning? You know what to do: take a soft toothbrush and a good scrub. For example, we recommend to do this: Mix a cup of water, half a cup of lemon juice and a tablespoon of baking soda. Gently brush clean bumps and smudges from tanning. Lemon juice and soda clarified coating and a soft bristle brush to effectively exfoliates skin cells.

- Exfoliates rough areas of the body will help the following recipe: mix detergent with olive oil and oatmeal. And massage with a soft toothbrush. If parts of the body is very sensitive, try the composition of the gel and tea tree oil.

For the home tooth whitening

All popular recipes require the use of tooth whitening toothbrush. Do not use the brush, which is now in use, it is best to take the old one, because the ingredients are sometimes the home bleaching substances that deplete the bristles of the brush, for example, such as activated charcoal, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide.

To clean things

The toothbrush will help clean the comb (do it with soap and water 1 time per month), razor blades from fine hair, shampoo and conditioner dispensers. By the way, it's not just about the comb with teeth. Toothbrushes easily remove hair from bristle hair brushes. Clean it as iron is for straightening or curling, but do not use abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the surface of the instruments. Toothbrushes clean jewelry, accessories and many hard surfaces that have in your arsenal of beauty.
Author: Julia Shestakova