Your arsenal of beauty: revision in the beautician
 In the care of the face and body, all the girls a little fanatical. Updating personal arsenal of beauty cosmetics novelties for us, and shopping and therapy, and even relaxation. But when the size of a suitcase cosmetic bag gets long-distance journeys, an urgent need to take action. To conduct an audit to help cosmetologists!

As a rule, part of the cosmetics we always carry with them. And it is justified! To correct make-up at work - the first rule of business etiquette, and make adjustments in the day make-up before a date with your loved ones - a good tone. But did you know that from the temperature difference and humidity, which is subject to your beautician during transport from home to work and vice versa, cosmetics spoils faster! And if you do not want to part with a favorite means of significantly ahead of schedule, get a separate makeup to work or take the road compact beauty products.

Do not disturb! There is a revision!

Proceed to restore order in your purse. Sort all the facilities on a "regular use", "apply from time to time" and "Do not use more than six months." From the last category means you can safely say goodbye.

The remaining two groups, check the expiration date on the relevance and compliance with the generally accepted rules of storage. Creams for face and body, as well as the tonal resources are stored in clear text no more than 6 months, and in opaque bottles with dispenser - up to a year. Ink becomes unusable after 6 months after opening, and lipstick and lip gloss "suffering" to the year. All of the above rules override changes the consistency of the means and the emergence of third-party flavor - in this case, the cosmetics should be thrown immediately!

Tip!   Consider decorative tools that you use regularly. Look at the colors and textures dominate, that is subject to the planned upgrade. By doing so, you will reduce to a minimum purchase of cosmetics, which will lie "dead weight" in the purse, and spent money on is really the right thing.

 Your arsenal of beauty: revision in the beautician

The minimum program: 9 basic tools

Let's face it, to look "one hundred percent" of girls and women do not need a lot of money. Suffice it to nine base:

Body cream.   Moisturize dry skin, keeping it smooth and elastic. Be sure to use after a hot bath or shower.

Face cream with SPF.   It is effective in the fight against photoaging, protects the skin from UV radiation.

The masking pencil.   You should not confuse his "forever green" color, because it allows an exemplary means to cope with various kinds of errors in the skin. Dot Apply a pencil on the problem area, and powder the top. All of you - ideal!

Facial Toner.   Selected on the basis of priority. Moisturizers - prevent dryness and tightness of skin. Matting - narrow pores. Soothing - relieve irritation, suitable for very sensitive skin.

Blush.   Not only freshen the face, but also provide a means of expression maiden. Smile at your reflection in the mirror, apply the product on the outstanding point of the cheekbones and blend in the right direction. By the latter is meant corrective makeup techniques face.

Mascara. Lengthens, creates volume, gives the effect of a fan. Trust your intuition, choose what is right for you!

Lipstick.   Preferred bright colors as saturated color gives lips a seductive smile making sensual and beautiful.

Eye cream.   Must contain toning plant extracts to combat dark circles and puffiness.

Foundation.   Without it difficult to do a true beauty. A good foundation moisturizes the skin, nourishes it, provides a perfect cover.

 Your arsenal of beauty: revision in the beautician

5 of cosmetics, from which you can not refuse!

Of course, your thrift cosmetics manufacturers will not be happy, but Estheticians support the initiative. You do not necessarily have a beautician:

Cream neckline.   Requirements leather decollete exactly the same as that of the skin. Therefore, home care is sufficient to have one cream.

Locking nail polish.   If you buy a high-quality resistant varnishes, your nail polish will be at a height without additional funds.

Masks for feet.   Most of them require 15-20 minutes of rest after application. Body Creams minus said no, but in their effectiveness in no way inferior to the masks.

Anti-cellulite cream.   It is sad, but he alone can not cope with orange peel. Its effect will be noticeable only in a complex with fitness, a healthy diet and anti-cellulite treatments. Therefore, any serious work, tune in or not engaged in self-deception.

Scrub lips.   This in itself is a means raises many questions. And first on the agenda, if it does not harm the delicate skin of the lips? Many cosmetologists sure to use a lip scrub is not necessary. If you want to massage the lips, use a soft toothbrush.

Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova