Dry oil - winter fun!
 Are you still afraid to use oils for the skin? Cold weather - it's time to try oil moisturizing and rejuvenating. Not only the skin but also for the hair. And I do not like thick oil on the market have a new product - dry oil.

Indeed, to this day there are a lot of prejudices about the use of oils on the face. Here are just some of the myths:

- For example, many believe that pure skin should creak under your fingers. In fact, the skin is clean and may be oily and dry. From cleansing we can expect a removal of dirt and makeup, and natural oils in the skin must remain, it preserves skin balance.

- Another myth says that oil faces shown for dry skin. But the truth is that the Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, combination). And especially they work well for sensitive skin as gently dissolve surface impurities without over drying.

- Some women do not want to try the method of cleaning the oil face, as they believe that it is incompatible with water procedures. And that upsets them, rinse your face with water after all so nice. In fact, things are not quite so water can not refuse. Cleansing Oil can only facilitate cleaning procedures face. Simply apply the oil on the dry skin of the face, and then you can massage a small amount of warm water to emulsify the oil. Finish cleaning in a few splashes of water for soft, smooth and clean skin.

 Dry oil - winter fun!

Dry oil

In recent years can be called the second birth oils. Now women can buy not only the baby oil (eg, Johnson & Johnson), many brands, especially organic cosmetics have an assortment of different oils.

There were also a product like dry oil (dry oil) . What it is? This oil for body and hair, gives a subtle shine without feeling greasy as the traditional oil. Generally, the term "dry oil" is often confusing. Because it is not a dry product is a liquid. In most cases, it is produced in the form of a spray (though not always). This oil should be sprayed on the skin (face and body) or the hair, it is not sticky, gives skin semi effect for hair - light gloss, often mildly flavored.

Easy shine is achieved in that in the dry oil is the key ingredient - cyclomethicone. This is the component that makes the skin soft and silky. Cyclomethicone is a versatile substance composed of unmodified silicone, which leaves a smooth feel on the skin. Its molecules can not be absorbed by the skin cells, as large in size. Therefore dry oil on the skin creates a top layer that helps moisturizing ingredients adhere to the skin, nourish it and absorbed it. And the name "dry" this product is given, as in the composition may be present only the lighter types of oils, they do not make the skin oily and shiny and give more satin surface dry.

 Dry oil - winter fun!

What do the dry oil?

Firstly, moisturize, added to skin and hair health. Secondly, protection against ultraviolet radiation, prevent sunburn. Already these two properties is enough to burn the product to your favorites. Add to this an anti-age effect due to the content of antioxidants.

Pleases and ease of use. This is no different from the use of any product in a spray. Just spray, and the product deposited on the body itself. Dry oil can be used anywhere on the body, from head to toe. However, be careful when using a face, not to get oil in your eyes (after all, we can not say that this product is suitable for the eyes).

The best results are achieved with dry oil after a shower. Oil is sprayed on wet skin, and the water droplets remaining in the body, are dry and penetrate into the skin, adding dampening effect. Another frequent use of dry skin oil is more suitable for the summer. Hollywood beauties covered legs abundant layer of dry and oil are published. Admission is called "the effect of shiny stockings." Legs look well-groomed, while being naked.

 Dry oil - winter fun!

For dry hair oil also really working moisturizing product. Moreover, that is not necessary to get your hands dirty as when applied to conventional oils in the form of wraps or conditioning the hair. Cyclomethicone helps oils penetrate into the hair, and the hair on the surface appear luster luxury. You can apply oil to dry hair for the night, sometimes in the morning washing is not required, just butter moisturizes the hair and give shine.

And one more thing dignity of dry oil worth mentioning. It is their divine flavors. Light oil, used to make a product, as a rule, have a floral or fruity scents. Some perfumes are also sometimes added to the product. But the main thing - it's the flavors of natural oils: gardenias, camellias, roses, grape seed, almond, coconut, vanilla, jasmine, jojoba.


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 Dry oil - winter fun!

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 Dry oil - winter fun!

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 Dry oil - winter fun!

Author: Tamara