Smoothness - the sister of talent?
 Who has not dreamed of a smooth and well-groomed feet? And how many times have we thought about how it would be wonderful if the hair under the arms did not grow so fast! However, nature is nature - hair grow, and to us if we want to look attractive and not to shock anyone, you really have a remarkable talent! It is necessary not only to maintain themselves in decency, "nude" condition in some places, but also try to do it without pain, skin irritation and ingrown hairs!

That's what we'll talk in the article. What methods of hair removal at home we know?

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

Just be warned: during hair removal treatments should consider the type of your skin . In addition, universal ways to deal with hair on different parts of the body does not exist. Sometimes you need to use two or even three different methods of hair removal .


This method - the most ancient. And he really has serious advantages. Firstly, this procedure is completely painless. Secondly, it is ideal for an emergency (especially for underarm area): time - and you're done! Thirdly, shaving is suitable for most areas that we shave except the face. Not recommended as shaving and bikini area.

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

However, there are no less serious disadvantage if you start shaving - it'll have to do it regularly, ideally - through Every day or two . And overly dry skin in general can not shave - you can hurt her even more.

Rules are simple shave: never shave on dry! Today, it sells a variety of foams and gels specifically for shaving - so do not torture their feet. Without the foam will not only be much longer, but the result is expected to leave a better razor glide is bad, and therefore can leave unwanted hairs. After shaving, it is desirable to use a moisturizing lotion.

Depilatory creams (chemical depilation)

A method of hair removal cream is completely painless - and this is its main advantage. In effect he is ahead of his razor, but far behind the wax strips. Why come a razor? The fact that the hair cream removes not only on the surface, but at a depth of 4 mm. Depending on how slow growing hairs (this individual characteristic), as long leg will retain the smoothness. Typically, this period between 4 days and 2 weeks .

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

You can pick up a cream for your skin type. Use depilatory cream, you can even remove hair from the face and delicate bikini area (just outside). Remember that exceed the validity of the cream in any case it is impossible!

After the application of funds, may remain on the skin of a small amount of hair. In this case, no need to tilt the right cream to the side or try to spend depilation again. Just plucked them with tweezers: Hair has not "adapted" to the new process for the removal, after a short time they will become more subtle and easier to be removed.

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

And, of course, as with any chemical agent before applying the cream for the first time, perform the test: Put a little on the back of your hand or the crook of the elbow and soak time specified in the instructions. Observe the reaction - if the skin is reddened or become itchy, as if there was no shame, do not use this method of hair removal.

Hair removal

It's about home electrodepilator. In fact, the appliance is a mechanical plucking hairs, but because such a procedure is very painful.

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

Manufacturers promise that the hairs after such treatments appear only through 2-3 weeks   - And it attracts many people. Do you think that the jackpot is good and you're almost decided to buy the appliance? Wait a minute! Spend a little experiment: take an ordinary tweezers, plucking eyebrows that, and try to start to pull out the hairs on their feet. If all of the two or three hairs you writhing in pain and holding on for a long time "sick" place - it's buying is clearly not for you.

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

However, even if you steadfastly weather the pain, here is the problem of ingrown hairs to avoid is not likely to succeed. Therefore, if you decided to use the epilator, your helpers should be part of the peeling and washing hard sponge. And remember that epilators are only good for the feet: underarms and bikini area is too sensitive for such a procedure. And if you're pregnant, you have skin disease or injury, or varicose veins, hair removal is prohibited for you, even for this area!

Wax strips

Waxing or special wax strips painful enough, but in addition, it requires some composure - for strip wax must be very sharp and one movement to disrupt a certain location. True, if you will use wax strips for a long time, then after some time the hair will grow thinner and their removal will bring much less pain.

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

Most often wax strips manufacturers recommend a good warm in the hands - then the skin steams and less painful "gives" hairs. Smooth the strip should be against the hair growth. Then stand 10 seconds and tear strip, the second hand holding kozhu.Chtoby hair removal using wax is transferred more easily - before that wipe the skin tonic.

Plus, this procedure - in its use of rare, because the skin will be smooth on 3-4 weeks As well as its efficiency: the strips may serve not once but several times. Another little-known feature of wax strips - it's their kind of scrub effect: warm wax not only removes hair but the top layer of dead skin cells, making the skin soft and well-groomed. To avoid irritation after the procedure you should use a moisturizing and soothing cream. Some kits contain a hair removal cream is included (for example, Veet).

 Smoothness - the sister of talent?

As you can see, efficiently remove hair at home is quite possible - is wanted. And select the appropriate method. How to do it? In this regard, the Board is not unambiguous. Each woman decides to yourself that it is more important: speed, painless or duration of the effect. Try, experiment, and very soon will be able to find the most suitable for you method of hair removal. And perhaps you've already decided? Then share it with us!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya