2-minute stress suppressors
 We asked experts on how they manage to tame stress and stress states. Here, they have shared with us their strategies.

Steps to intimacy

"The tension that you feel after a few hours with a computer can be overwhelming. As a specialist in this field, I believe that you can manipulate the points on your feet to relax. I like to throw shoes and make yourself a foot massage in reflexological style. "

"Use your fingers to gently rotating each finger foot performing pressing movements of the joints of each finger to the tip. Slowly move your thumb, working all over the surface of each toe. This exercise is called a thumb-walking (or work with your thumb). Gently massage fingertips. When you reach the outer edge of the foot to the base of the little finger, make a circular motion with his thumb. Then pull each finger, bend and straighten the foot, and make several rotations of the ankle. In a few minutes will enjoy a relaxed state, and you are now ready to return to work. "

- Opal Knowles (Opal J. Knowles) - President of the American Association of Reflexology (Reflexology Association of America).

Liven up

"After a certain moral blow I understand that instead of changing the world, I can choose to change the fact that I was affected. Now, when I feel like an idiot, but face glowing from the heat, I sing myself songs composed specifically for such cases ... sang celebratory tune 'Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!' This may sound trivial, but when you are worried or upset, no nothing is more banal than the relief that could bring humor. How it works:

"O people estimate should not affect you.

In fact, they may despise you.

Give yourself a chance to grow.

Go Go go".

- John Hoover (John Hoover), medical doctor, psychologist, therapist - humorist. His most recent book - How to Live With an Idiot: Clueless Creatures and the People Who Love Them (Career Press).

The strength of everyday things

"We sometimes forget that common things in our lives and in our memory can deliver us from stress. My Library - a collection of pleasant memories of different people from different parts of the globe. Dena in Oregon, for example, settling down with the help of walking along the small streets with the scent of honeysuckle vines. The essence of Dena reducing ritual - to feel a pleasant aroma, which leads her thoughts in order: a piece of fragrant soaps, a cup of tea with jasmine or old leather wallet father. Remember - a lot of things around you that can bring komfortv moments of devastation and sadness. "

- Vaysmen Carol (Carol Wiseman), author of A Patchwork of Comforts: Small Pleasures for Peace of Mind (Conari Press).