"Citrus" mood
 Not far off the winter holidays. This means that the aromatic leitmotif of the near future will again become the citrus extravaganza! After all, New Year's Eve is inconceivable without the smell of tangerines! And yet in terms of scent marketing savvy entrepreneurs sprayed in stores citrus flavors, perfectly stimulate sales, we focus on another. Orange, the same tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit ... - these southern smells evoke sensuality, filled with incredible energy and charge a great mood for the whole day!

So, if in the morning to surround yourself with tropical notes, life will undoubtedly become brighter and more cheerful - just the way it should be, and in anticipation of the holidays!

It's time to awakening
Barely opening his eyes, you close them again and just can not wake up? Get out from under the blanket categorically do not want and take water treatments - even more so? In this case, a shower gel Pomelo Power of UST - what you need.

 "Citrus" mood
   The structure of this remarkable product includes pomelo extract, rich in vitamins A and C. Awakening body and soul, the smell of this amazing fruit has a tonic effect on the entire body. So after a shower again to get into bed you just do not want to Why waste time when you are waiting in front of so many interesting things!

In the name of beauty
The ritual of beauty should continue facials. Here indispensable aid will cosmetics with subtle citrus flavor.

 "Citrus" mood
   For example, the new scrub "Morning Energy" From Clean & Clear provides gentle cleansing the skin and gives a bracing freshness of charge. It includes vitamin C and ginseng extract to refresh the skin, making it more beautiful and attractive. Exquisite flavor means awakens feelings and fills you with the energy you need for an incredibly vibrant and dynamic day.

Trifle, but nice!
Another miracle of progress, in the style of "citrus" mood - toothpaste with taste and smell of tropical fruits.

 "Citrus" mood
 In particular, pay attention to a product like toothpaste ROCS «Caribbean Summer". And then like plain the actions that we perform every day, turns into a real pleasure: the rich taste of grapefruit, complemented by mint, gives a feeling of cleanliness and adjusts the positive wave. It's time to go to lunch!

 "Citrus" mood
 And delicious ...
As the well-known advertising, "To be in good shape, you need to ...". So, to finally wake up with a smile and start a new day, you can have a cup of tea with a slice of lemon or, if absolutely no time to make a bag of cream rooibos from Greenfield. This African herbal tea does not contain caffeine, but beautifully sunny thanks to invigorating notes of orange. Those who prefer the morning for something more substantial, you can eat for breakfast salad made of avocado, boiled shrimp, orange slices and low-fat yogurt.

But those who follow the figure and counts every calorie, energy and high spirits will add half of a ripe grapefruit.

Final Touch
Before going out on the street do not forget about the little feminine wiles - perfume or toilet water. Citrus fragrance note in the bouquet will give you a unique charm and elegance.

 "Citrus" mood
 So, fragrance Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel laced with an extravagant combination of orange and bergamot, as well as animated slight bitterness of grapefruit. Track Love of Pink by Lacoste - romantic and playful - shaded floral-citrus flavors, including not least the orange and lemon. A The beat is full brightness by Burberry Italian mandarin, perfume imparts energy and piquancy. What to prefer? The choice is yours ...
Author: Olga Larsen