For winter is not caught by surprise!
 Very soon fall resign and gently (or not) go in the winter. And to predict when this transition will take place, it is almost impossible. And that cold spell did not catch us by surprise, it is necessary to prepare for the winter ahead and preparation is not only extracted from distant parts of the wardrobe of warm sweaters and thermal insulation of apartments, but also to upgrade the range of autumn-winter makeup, as well as a change in diet.

Cosmetics autumn-winter period

Important in this difficult period - not to make mistakes when choosing a cream! In general, skin care in winter - the mirror opposite of summer care. In summer, the main thing - it is an active moisturizing, but in winter the use of moisturizing creams before going out is simply unacceptable.

Home protection of the skin in the winter - fat nourishing cream. The surface of our skin is always covered with a very thin protective layer - the so-called hydrolipid film. But this film is very sensitive to cold, and to the means used for skin care. That is why during the cold period resolutely refuse washing with tap water, and to cleanse face and remove makeup apply a couple of "milk and tonic", choosing the most forgiving.

For additional protection from the elements at our disposal - the special "winter" creams, which is also called the barrier. These tools are capable of using special components - cryoprotectants, and thanks to its high content of vegetable oils and fats "to wrap up" the skin from the elements.

 For winter is not caught by surprise!
   So, in the cold season your dressing table must be present a protective, nourishing rich cream. Not a bad choice - cream "Autumn-Winter" by DR. TAFFI. It is perfect for normal skin without any problems.

If you have difficulty with the selection of cosmetics, you can take advantage of the professional makeup of the German company Koko GmbH & Co KG. What is particularly valuable cosmetic products, sold under the brand name Koko Dermaviduals, may be drafted in the cabin individually for your skin type, based on the base cream DMS, which enriches the skin with active ingredients, nourishes and protects it.

 For winter is not caught by surprise!
   Often under the influence of changes in temperature, strong wind, dry indoor air becomes irritable skin, covered with spots, scaly. Soothe irritated sensitive skin, helps prevent the appearance of redness day cream redness from Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher) based extract buttercup. Enriched with active molecules, this cream effectively combats redness, improves blood circulation and protects the skin from external aggression. Judging by the reviews of consumers, even a cream copes with the cold allergy.

 For winter is not caught by surprise!
   Reduce the sensitivity of the skin, peeling, cracking or zagrubenie skin, protect the skin from extreme weather conditions, while maintaining the level of hydration, and help such a novelty as a cream from Clinique Comfort on Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream, designed for people with sensitive skin.

And, of course, do not forget about the lips and hands, pick up the lipstick and hand cream should be on the same principles as the makeup for the face.

In winter, your skin is especially vulnerable. Pobespokoytes advance of gloves for late autumn and warm mittens. The structure of the protective hand cream should include any of the following components: glycerin, beeswax, vegetable oils, olives, cocoa, oregano, wheat germ oil, shea butter. Not bad in this respect, protection cream from the company Faberlic, he and the name is appropriate - "Winter", and contains such useful ingredients like pro-vitamin B5, sea buckthorn berry oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and Akvaftem-Protect. Formula Akvaftem-Protect includes a new generation of antioxidant - propofol, a special formula of vitamin E, the efficiency of which is 10 times higher than pure vitamin E.

To eat, to ... not to freeze?

Protect and nourish our skin with creams and a variety of masks - this is wonderful. But our skin is nourished from the inside, and gets so much of the way it needs nutrients.

To look good and feel great and dank autumn and frosty winter, it is necessary to adjust the number of your diet. The closer the cold, the tighter it has become. Of course, none of the vegetables or green as possible by not giving, but still focus - on proteins and fats!

 For winter is not caught by surprise!
   In the cold season, the most necessary and useful for the skin vitamin - vitamin A, is it basically helps it carry out its protective function. And the main sources of this vitamin are just products of animal origin, ie, liver, eggs, butter, etc. So, autumn - not the best time to become a vegetarian. Meat, fish, poultry contain high amounts of vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, finally, iron and zinc in easily digestible form. All of these "utility" is extremely important for the health, they help us strengthen immunity, feel fresh and active in the most gloomy and wet weather. Baked fish - a perfect autumn dish menu. Contained in fish fatty acids help to cope with the autumn depression.

Invaluable help the skin (and not only) for protection from irritating external factors, that we will, if we introduce to your diet olive oil. It is especially good in that it contains fatty acid is in a form in which they are located in the body, and therefore they are very easily absorbed. Furthermore, olive oil contains vitamins A and E, and has the property to break down fats.

It is very beneficial to the skin are also vegetables such as carrots, squash, beets, celery, and others. But by the end of autumn - beginning of winter, without losing the appearance and taste, almost all vegetables and fruits lose much of vitamins. Apple, which has just been removed from the tree, and the apple, which was stored for two months, have a completely different value. But there is a way - do not forget about frozen vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables, processed by the "shock" frozen immediately after harvest retain more vitamins than their fresh counterparts, lying on the shelves for a long time.

If you still feel that the vitamins in your diet is not enough, try the late autumn to take complexes containing vitamins and minerals such as "Vitrum Life," "Aevitum" and others. When choosing vitamins you need to take into account the age, the possibility of allergic reactions, the presence of chronic diseases and many other factors. Therefore, when deciding on the purchase of vitamin complexes, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

And, of course, onion and garlic - the best fighters against colds, avitaminosis and other misfortunes autumn-winter season. They, by the way, do not lose their valuable qualities, even during prolonged storage. If you are confused by the smell - that chewing a few leaves of parsley, you get rid of this problem.

And yet autumn - the best time for a bath! Hot steam will be a wonderful contrast to the coolness of autumn and weather. The bath improves sweating, the body is cleaned of excess salts, "slag" and other metabolic products, warms the joints and internal organs. And as for the action on the skin with a bath like no one cabin lift, the skin is smoothed and becomes more elastic, gets a healthy complexion.

One last tip - add bright colors ... in clothing, interior design, tableware, food and drink, and your lifestyle! This is exactly what best helps to cope with the autumn depression.
Author: Olga Travleeva