Four beauty secrets of Kristin Davis
 Ever since I first saw Kristin Davis in "Melrose Place" in the role of an insidious Brooke Armstrong, and then watched her refined and naive Charlotte York in "Sex and the City", I never ceased to be surprised how young she looks. It's true, she does not look older than mid-90s, when it came to popularity. Obviously, she has her own secrets "eternal youth".

Mom told me:   "My mother was an excellent example of this beauty, because beauty she was by nature. It never did make up. It was wonderful, growing next to a woman who was so sure of herself that she had no need to even lipstick" .

Smoking - harm:   "The best gift I made to myself, it is a complete cessation of smoking. I was very upset that today so many smokers twenties girls. When you're young, you think that you will never wrinkles or cancer. I have more than 40 and I have seen a lot. It's not fun to see how your friends are struggling with cancer. "

Love yourself:   "If you want to be confident in yourself, do yoga. It's like as if you are applying to itself from within. If you are obsessed with the idea that you do not quite congestive or not enough anything else, then you definitely need to go back to itself. It gives me a feeling of yoga meet from its own self. "

Antizagar:   "I'm a big priverzhennitsa sunscreens. Every day I use creams with SPF 30 or SPF 50. In my last film -" Couples Retreat "- we supposedly went to Bora Bora and had to be tanned, but the majority of tanning I have a rash. The filmmakers wanted to get me to go to the solarium, but I said, "No way! My dermatologist will kill me! "In the end, I found a great natural tanning Chocolate Sun, it smells like chocolate and exactly lays down on the skin."

On materials Self
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina