How to get rid of cellulite
 The fact that cellulite - it is a cosmetic defect, which must be combated now knows literally every woman. Here are a few recipes to get rid of "orange peel" in the home.

Orange peel, flabby skin, thigh dimples, sebum and so on - you can call it whatever you like, but it is - an ugly cellulite. Do you dream of a luxurious smooth skin? The dream can become a reality.

What you need:

- Cucumber
- The coffee sediment
- Water
- Honey
- Lime
- Food foil / plastic bags
-solid brush or rough towel / flannel cloth

Step 1

Place cucumber slices in a glass of water at night. The next morning drink the water when you feel hungry.

Step 2

Coffee not only makes us fitter and help in the work, but also can help get rid of cellulite. You know what people do in our stores with the remnants of coffee in coffee machines And that's what. Add a little water in the coffee pellet, mix, make a paste, apply to problem areas, wrap them in plastic wrap / plastic bags and leave for some time on the skin. Rub the skin and rinse. You'll be surprised at the results.

Step 3

Verify the alphabet. Write all the letters of the alphabet on the wall, but with the help of ass, a little pushing on a wall. You can experiment with capital and small letters. It sounds funny, but this technique is tried and true.

Step 4

Rub dry skin buttocks and thighs, performing movements in the form of 8 in a clockwise direction using a solid brush or rough towels. Before showering this will help increase blood circulation to the skin, helping to deplete stocks of subcutaneous fat and remove dead cells. Do not rub too hard - otherwise there is a danger of damage to the skin. After this procedure, apply a generous amount of cream.

Step 5

A glass of warm water with half teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon will act as a catalyst and help get rid of ugly cellulite. For fast action, drink drink on an empty stomach.

Step 6

Check your skin for dryness. Dry skin - a sign of dehydrated system. We know that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but most importantly in this rule - warm water! Yes, you read correctly. 8 glasses of warm water for at least two days before being put on their beautiful bikinis and nothing to worry about.