How to unlearn biting nails
 Anyone biting its nails, aware that this is a very bad habit: we register in the mouth germs that spoil the view of our hands and dental health - and as a result, lose self-confidence and strongly criticize myself for weakness. But get rid of it is not so simple ...

Each "rodent" knows that brute force (like some clever tips to tie the hands) will not help. In most cases, nail biting - is an automatic reaction to the psychological state of a person, that is, it is almost impossible to control. Obviously, in this case, it requires a special approach. So, to all fellow sufferers I made five tips that I hope will help.

Primarily, should stop blame yourself . Otherwise we will find ourselves in a vicious circle: the more we criticize ourselves, the more nervous and the more biting his nails. Keep in mind that nail biting can be a signal that it's time to make a break, to relieve stress, or even take a vacation. Rather than sit and continue to bite your nails, walk down the hall or around the house, grab something to eat from the refrigerator (if you are not afraid to get better), look in the mirror and fix her hair and make-up ... In general, do anything, that will help you distract and change the situation at least for a minute. And remember that everything will be fine!

Many start biting their nails when they are bored. In this case, you We need to develop some other, more useful, or at least less harmful habit . For example, one of my friends began to carry in your pocket a rosary. When he had nothing to do, he goes through them - and has already managed to pass for an interesting and extraordinary man. Another solution may be for example a gripper, a small puzzle fun keychain or pendant on a mobile phone. In the end, you can just play games on a cell phone, or crossword puzzles.

One of the most straightforward solution - make yourself artificial nails made of thick acrylic . Firstly, it is so durable that you simply do not or Bite your teeth will hurt, and secondly - in any attempt you will feel in the mouth unpleasant chemical taste.

Another option - to do beautiful bright manicure . Raise your hands to the face, you will notice it right away and you will be a pity to spoil it. But this option is bad because if you are still "fall through" the bitten bright manicure will look even worse than just bitten nails. On the other hand, it can serve as an additional incentive to get rid of a bad habit.

Another good way - it take your mouth than anything else . Chew gum, suck lollipop, eat apples or carrots. If you have something to chew, then maybe you will not be biting his nails.

Good luck!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina