Nine tips for beautiful hands
 Hands can easily give a true woman's age, if you do not take care of them. Tomorrow you will not find yourself in the hands of dark spots or flabby skin, should take care of them today.

Ellen Shiro - one of the most popular models, but you are unlikely to learn her face. The fact that Ellen is the so-called parts-model: its arms and legs can be seen in commercials Clinique, Maybelline, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. A year ago, she released her own line of care products for your hands, based on a wealth of experience, and now I will introduce you to her nine tips for creating beautiful hands.

 Nine tips for beautiful hands
 Soak your hands as little as possible.   The water dries the skin, so wash your hands only when necessary, and in all other cases (dish washing, wet cleaning, etc.), use rubber gloves.

Do not get carried away with antibacterial soap and gels.   Of course, many bacteria around us: We are told about it from childhood - but antibacterial means very dry skin, causing irritation and premature aging. Try to use gentle, do not contain sulphates funds hand washing with natural oils that will not only cleans, but also moisturize the skin.

Moisturize your hands every time after washing.   Gently wipe the hand towel and immediately apply moisturizer to damp skin yet, to keep the moisture to evaporate. Ideally, this should become a habit, for example, applying lip gloss.

Protect your hands from the sun.   Always use sunscreen when going outside. I think we can not say that the sun is a factor in premature aging.

Regularly use a cuticle softener   or every day after a shower until it is soft, gently move your nail it to the ground. This simple procedure will help you avoid the need to cut it off, which is usually not a good idea, since it leads to the appearance of burrs and irritation.

Every day, at bedtime, use moisturizer.   At night, your hands relax and become more susceptible - Treat them with additional nutrition and hydration. For maximum effect, you can use special cotton gloves that increase the effect of the cream, but it allows the skin to breathe.

Once a week exfoliation.   You can use the special scrub for hands or use a facial scrub. As scrub suit as a natural sugar, mixed with olive oil.

Once a week, give your nails a break from manicure .   At least one day let your nails like "naked." You can anoint them with a special oil or cream, but do not polish, even if nutrient or firming.

Try to keep the nails in such a state, so they look beautiful even without any coating.   This will ensure not only healthy-looking, but also greater freedom of choice in manicure.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina