Panda Eyes
 It does not matter what they write in glossy magazines, but there are a few things that we know and that we did not arrange: swollen knees, unruly hair, thick arms. And no amount of dieting, exercising, or treatments not menyat them.

After several years of endless procedures and leg lifts, I learned to live with my rounded hips.

But this new problem was much more difficult to accept. Dark circles under the eyes appeared about five years ago, and this year reached the size, like pandas.

About three months ago I ran out of strength to constantly repeat: "Mom, I'm not tired. I will now always look like that."

I also noticed that very attached to the concealer Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer and could not leave the house, do not anoint the eye area a generous amount of money.

Hylexin product for the "most problematic dark circles" created a furor. Since this means cost about £ 95, I was expecting a good result. However, after its application the skin around my eyes looked a bit flaky and gray in a few weeks.

I started thinking about why my eyes fell, and I looked like a goth.

It turns out that there are several opinions about the nature of dark circles. Some say that they are caused by capillaries located close to the skin, which causes the similarity with bruises. The reaction of the skin around the eyes - a consequence of age or weight loss that makes them look sunken. Some people suffer from pigmentation in the area.

Not feeling much enthusiasm, I decided to try the Elemis's Pro Collagen Eye Renewal - and noticed that after six weeks of using the virtually forgotten about concealer. Perhaps this cream-gel, in the main composed of seaweed, a miracle. Elemis great help to me, but the attack on the dark circles went in all directions.

As recommended by the manufacturer, I gently massage the skin when applying the cream light, patting motion. This was to increase the blood flow to the eyes. Improvement of microcirculation in this area can yield positive results. Products containing cultured peptides, thickening the skin, are also worthy of attention. Prelift by Medi8 created a miracle with the eyes of one of my girlfriends.

The test on the blood showed that my body is not enough iron - this is a very common problem among women who are over 30 - so I started taking nutritional supplements and there are plenty of spinach.

In addition, I reduced the consumption of alcohol.

By limiting yourself to one glass of wine a day, without the occasional missteps, I totally unplanned switched to a healthy lifestyle.

One glass of alcohol made the evening less interesting, which contributed to a longer sleep. More sleep and less of a hangover - so I became less dependent on coffee.

None of these funds does not cost me a lot of effort, but it had an effect. Now I use concealer in rare cases, and if used, it is very clear, for example, Chantecaille's Bio Lift Concealer.
Author: Ann, New York