Shining colors, or how long to maintain the depth of color and brilliance of colored hair?
 The problem, known for the vast majority of women - dull, dry and lifeless hair in just a week or two after staining. Why is this happening and what to do to locks for a long time remained blameless - shining deep saturated color? Try to understand.

Why is the color of "out"?

Scientists were able to find an answer to this difficult question. As Frank says Schwanke, Ph.D., head of the Research and Development Center NIVEA HAIR, ¬ęstudies have shown that in the process of dyeing hair loses valuable lipids, resulting in a more vulnerable, lose their luster, softness and intensity of color." That is why under the influence of adverse environmental factors tone is unstable, and the hair does not look the best way.

What to do?

It must be remembered: for colored hair radiated health, were silky and bright, they need special care. Immediately after the procedure, a color re-wash my hair for a long time in the sun and attend solarium is not recommended. The rest of the basic rule - regularly use shampoos, conditioners, masks and other cosmetic products, specifically designed to care for colored strands. It is also important to choose styling products that best meet the needs of hair - namely, to give preference to sprays, mousses and varnishes that contain ingredients that protect strands from color loss and damage.

Innovative developments

 Shining colors, or how long to maintain the depth of color and brilliance of colored hair?
   Experts of the Center NIVEA HAIR created a unique line of care for colored hair Color Crystal Gloss, which includes both the means for basic care and styling products. It is based on Formula with reflective crystals , Structurally related natural lipids. They envelop each hair, compensate for the loss of natural lipids strands during coloring, the hair is saturated with energy and provide them with the necessary protection. As a result, the color is not washed, while maintaining its intensity for 6 weeks.

In addition to the innovation of crystals means comprise series UV filters That prevent burnout strands in the sun and prevent the destruction of keratin responsible for the recovery and elasticity of the hair. Also, the line includes means antioxidants   - Derived element rice oil, which neutralizes free radicals and the stress on the strands. Thus, the innovative formula Color Crystal Gloss complex cares for colored hair - maintains brightness of tone, saturates strands luxurious diamond shine and makes them sensual smoothness.

Properly selected hair care and styling - the guarantee of health and beauty of your hair.