Spring Fever, or How to restore your hands after winter
 During the winter, the hands are experiencing a lot of stress. Cold wind, lack of vitamins and frequent changes in temperature often lead to adverse consequences. Layer nails dry and dehydrated skin - not the best companions for the lovely ladies. So how do you cope with these problems and bring the skin in order of pens?

After the winter you become thin and exfoliating nails?

The main reason for this may be lack of vitamins, which are experiencing winter hands. To overcome the deficiency disease, experts recommend regular use of nourishing creams and Professional manicure oil, for example Solar Oil   by CND (Creative Nail Design). It will not only moisturize your nails and give them the necessary nutrition, but also save them from the "bundle" to strengthen the structure. In home care for your hands should be used not only professional tools, but tools. Do not use rough sawing for natural nails. They allowed the abrasive should not be less than 240 units.

The skin on your hands dry and flaky?

Dry skin on hands after the winter frequent. Return it to a healthy appearance will regularly use moisturizing lotions. It is desirable that in their composition containing natural extracts. For example, aloe vera is considered excellent moisturizer and perfectly helps to cope with similar problems. Speed ​​up the skin renewal process to help scrubs, such as scrubs series Creative Scentsations   by CND (Creative Nail Design). Attention is drawn to the fact that the exfoliant particles contained in the medium, were too rough, since it can lead to dry skin injury. The best ingredients for homemade peeling considered salt and sugar. In addition, the use of scrubs significantly speeds up the absorption of nutrients which are a part of creams and lotions.

The cuticle began to peel, crack? There were burrs?

The skin around the nail more susceptible to temperature changes. That is why it is so necessary for regular maintenance. If burrs are already on your fingers, and cracked cuticle inflamed, it is best not to try to deal with these problems on their own, leave the hands of specialists. Classic manicure cope with this "disease". After visiting the interior, do not forget about home care. The regular use of nourishing creams and nail cuticle oil on the line warns dryness or peeling, and will keep in tidy condition for a long time. If you have dry skin, it increases the probability of occurrence of burrs. The advice is simple - it is necessary to pay attention to the special softening and healing agent for the cuticle, such as a cream to soften Cuticle Eraser   and reducing drug Rejuvenator . Cream will make your skin more elastic, which will prevent cracking and tools to help heal in a few days to cope with the already formed, "rank".

Watch your hands, give them your attention, and they will always be to please their health and beauty.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina
Source: Company OleHaus