Sweet Dream A Midsummer Night's ... ..
 And it's time to sleep,
And never sleep ...
(from the song)

Summer heat: it seems, from the red-hot air melts the asphalt on the sidewalk .  And even in the evening does not come welcome coolness! We all know what an important place in our lives takes a dream - without a full night's sleep and nothing to hope for a brilliant appearance .  Pale skin, circles under the eyes, drowsiness, irritability - the usual companions of sleep deprivation .  Strong healthy sleep and a positive effect on the skin, and the nervous system, increases vitality, cheerfulness .  But how to sleep at night when the thermometer shows below + 30 ° C, or even more? The easiest way, of course, the happy owners of air conditioners: to expose the temperature 22 ° C Comfort + - and enjoy the cool, but they have their own problems, because, air conditioning is often a cause of the common cold and even some serious diseases .  So do not overdo cooling: the ideal temperature for the body - it 20-22ºS, moreover, the difference in temperature inside and outside shall not exceed 5-8, a maximum of 10 ° C .  And not everyone has air conditioning!

So, try to adapt and learn to fully relax in the summer heat conditions without auxiliary equipment.

• Adjust the mode

The main rule is: if it's in the sun room, get up. The sooner you get up in the morning, the better you sleep at night! And, behold, the day when the afternoon heat in a physical and mental activity is markedly reduced, if possible, you can get some sleep. Sleep at this time helps to restore all body systems and preventing overheating. Anyway, so do all the countries with a hot climate, and taking into account the trend of global warming, for our latitudes siesta also becomes relevant. Absorb best at 10-11 pm.

• Seasonal decoration destinations

It is best to sleep surrounded by soft blue and muted blue tones. And annoying sleep centers in the deep brain structures of red, orange and burgundy colors. So, for the summer remove the cabinet yellow, orange curtains and sheets. Surrounds himself with a blue, blue, green. Bed linen should be cotton (even better - from silk). If the apartment is very hot, it is possible to put a mattress on the floor, because, as you know, warm air rises. No wonder the Japanese are recommended to sleep on a reed mat. It even went further and developed a special ventilated mattress. Secret good cooling - in a special structure of the membrane, which creates air flow under the fabric, and - in a strong booster pump. Because of the strong flow of air support mattress body, like an air cushion, but also on a conventional mattress on the floor bed is cooler than the bed.

On the day of the pillowcase is recommended to put in the freezer to the evening on it was easier to fall asleep. And all the possible dust mites and other, invisible parasites will be destroyed.

Indoors put humidifiers, for example, a fountain with running water, you can sprinkle in a room spray, or hang wet sheets. The main thing is that the air in the bedroom was not dry.

Bedtime arrange a small draft, and at night, leave open only one window.

• To eat or not eat - that is the question!

Absorb on an empty stomach as bad as the gorge at night, so it is still better to have dinner, but make dinner easy. Limit yourself a glass of kefir, green tea, vegetable or fruit salad. You can drink warm milk with honey. It is noticed that cooling the body and help to adapt to heat foods with a slight astringent taste (eg bananas), vegetables and fruits.  Sweet Dream A Midsummer Night's ... ..
   These foods relax tense muscles, calm the nervous system, stimulate the production of hormones brings sleep - serotonin and melatonin - and not burden the stomach. Will on the body and calming influence will satisfy the hunger a little a plate of porridge. Oatmeal - also an excellent source of melatonin. The famous old remedy - chamomile tea. Chamomile wonder ranks first among the soothing drinks. She has a slight sedative effect and serves as an ideal natural relaxant for the body and soul.

• Preparation for sleep

It is important to tune in to a dream: to calm down, throw cares and anxieties of the day. Before going to sleep, you can take a bath scented with lavender, fir, pine hops. It is desirable to add a little iodized sea salt. Then rinse under cool (but not cold) showers. Good yoga exercises aimed at muscle relaxation and removal of mental stress. For a relaxing evening after a useful foot baths gently promassirovat feet from the fingertips to the ankle olive oil enriched with vitamin E or a special cream (gel).

For a person can recommend cool compresses of chilled mineral water or herbal infusions. This compresses (15-18 ° C) - the perfect tonic for the skin. It improves complexion, constricts blood vessels, reduces pores, reduces salo- and sweating, removes puffiness. Good sleep allows combing hair and wood comb. Such a 2-minute massage increases blood circulation of the scalp, relieves stress and relaxes, and a beneficial effect on the hair. And if at this time you'll think of something cool, for example, represent the eternal snows of the North Pole or cold spray of the waterfall on the mountain river, then, according to experts, the heat is transferred much easier.

Of course, the summer heat - a tough test for the soul and body, but it can be adapted. A full, healthy sleep, even in the sweltering summer night will be an important factor of beauty, beautiful appearance, vitality and health!
Author: Olga Travleeva