The effective range of combat cellulite at home
 Oh, this cellulite! On this terrible scourge, we regularly learn from the media: from the TV screen, the pages of your favorite magazine we are called to use this or that miracle means for removing ugly "orange peel". But have you ever thought that, first of all, all these horror stories - this is a business with huge income?

For the first time cellulite was discovered in the late XIX century. Then the skin is considered quite normal and natural. This lasted until 1973, when there was a theory that cellulite tissue amazed toxins. Guess who it was invented? The owner of a New York beauty salon named Nicole Ronsard, supported dietitian Atkinson. The two made a great tandem of squeezing money from dreams of becoming a beautiful ladies.

Science has long denied the allegation toxicity of cellulite, but still this myth is quite popular. At the end of 80-ies of XX century beauticians began active propaganda and struggle with this "disease." In proportion to the growth of advertising, describing the horrors of the "orange" skin and increasing the incomes of different creams and pills promising quick relief from this scourge.

So what is cellulite?
Cellulite   - Is a skin condition characterized by weak tone and uneven deposits of fat that creates the effect of tuberosity. Affected the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms of women. In men, cellulite is not. Scientists attribute this to the reaction of the fatty tissue to estrogen (female sex hormone). Most young girls seek out the problem where it really is not. Tighten smooth skin to diagnose "hidden cellulite" and begin to deal with it, using the achievements of modern cosmetology. All this is too much. Although, of course, in a situation where skin was really ugly and bumpy, so I want to put it in order again and make smooth and elastic. However, this does not necessarily succumb to the appeals of advertising and to spend money on expensive creams. There are effective ways to combat domestic cellulite.

 The effective range of combat cellulite at home
 So, what to do if you are prone to the deposition of subcutaneous fat and the appearance of "orange peel"?

• First of all, take care of nutrition . Best Friends of cellulite - it is fried, fatty food, meats, pastries, pickles, alcohol, coffee and soda. Emphasize on the menu for fruits and vegetables, seafood, whole grain bread and cooking oil. Drink plenty of water. Good fresh vegetables (carrot, celery, cabbage, cucumber) and fruit (orange, apple) juice.

• Avoid sedentary lifestyle . Constant sitting without movement helps the stagnation of blood and lymph tissues, which also contributes to the appearance of cellulite.

• Smoking, tight clothing, permanent presence "on your feet", as well as wearing shoes with high heels - all of these factors and prevent proper blood circulation and prepare the ground for skin problems.

If you want your body to become supple and smooth, try to take care of it through simple home treatments .

 The effective range of combat cellulite at home
 - Bathtub . Start with a bath with sea salt (it need one handful). This will help open the pores and your skin begins to "breathe". Good to add to the water slightly aromatic oils, only a few drops. For these purposes, any ideal citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon). Good as a combination of cypress, fennel and rosemary, or rosemary geranium and lemon. Taking a bath should be 15-20 minutes. The water should be warm.

- Body Scrub and Massage . Using any suitable means honey, coffee grounds, clay, sea salt. You can assemble them, mix with salt and sour cream. Pre towel and plot the resulting scrub problem areas. Gently rub it into the skin, mash and pats his fingers and the whole hand. You can use special brushes and sponges for massage. Duration from 3 to 10 minutes. Then wash off all the water and go to the next procedure.

- Cold and hot shower . Alternating hot and cold water, pour your problem areas at least 10 seconds. It is advisable to repeat the procedure at least three times.

- Trituration . Exit from the bath and rub the whole body with a rough towel. The skin should turn pink.

 The effective range of combat cellulite at home
 - Cream . Smear any body moisturizing, firming milk or cream for the body. You can enrich it with citrus essential oils. At 10g cream takes five drops of oil. Massaging, rub lotion into the skin and then dress warmly and climb into bed to our body warmed and rested after all procedures.

To conduct such a course can be 2-3 times a week. Improvement will be noticeable after the first application.

You can also combine it with wraps   for weight loss, which ideally should do at least once a week. For these purposes, the products that we have at hand (cocoa, honey, mustard powder, coffee, cosmetic clay, herbal teas, etc.) and applied to the body under the plastic wrap for about an hour.

All these simple and pleasant procedure, with regular use will help you make the skin smooth and elastic, as well as get rid of a few extra centimeters in the waist and hips.
Author: Natalia Romanova