The most fashionable treatment - bikini Designed by
 Designed by bikini - ancient art and one of the most popular procedures beuty-date.

Bikini Designed by cultivated since ancient times in many nations. In ancient Egypt used different fitosostavy for depilation, and perform hair coloring intimate area and applied to drawings on the body using henna. The woman tried to make themselves more beautiful by using bikini-design pearl and semi-precious stones. In the Arab East, it allowed only the most necessary intervention in the appearance of a woman. It was welcomed by the complete absence of hair in intimate areas. However, Muslims used elements of bikini-design as a necessary means of hygiene, specific to Arab culture. Full depilation is the norm in India, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

In Europe Designed by bikini began to develop with the 60s of the 20th century. Bodybuilding, strip shows, fashion bikini girls forced to reflect on the need to improve all, without exception, parts of his body.

The methods of hair removal

The concept of a bikini-design consists of curly hair removal and hair removal, temporary or permanent hair coloring groin, additional decoration sequins, stones and ribbons.


Waxing - a chemical process for removing unwanted hair. Driving depilation common: cream, gel or spray applied to the skin and by the time necessary removed with a spatula. Time applique with depilatory varies from 4 to 15 minutes, and a longer time greatly increases the risk of skin reactions. Depilation should never do when baked or damaged skin.

In chemical depilation the hair follicles are not affected, so the hair growth cycle is the same as it was before the procedure.

Council.   It is necessary to carefully follow all the instructions that came with the manufacturer. In addition, it is sure to make a preliminary skin test to determine if there is an allergic reaction.


Modern women for hair removal at home prefer to use the elegant "female" razors. However, when shaving destroyed only the upper part of the hair and the roots remain intact.

Mechanical epilators

Hair removal using mechanical epilators - it's a simple home, efficient but terribly painful way. Using a special device the hair is pulled out from the skin along with the hair follicles. But after such an intimate area hair removal irritation occurs, so it is necessary to use special cosmetic formulations, which should be applied after the procedure. Furthermore, such compositions inhibit the growth of hair.

Council.   The procedure of hair removal should be done in a couple of days before going to the beach or a hike in the solarium.


To the delight of us were new "progressive" high-tech methods of hair removal. For example, alternating current epilation. Using a thin needle current is applied to the bulb that was in under the influence of an electric die. However, it should be noted that this procedure is quite painful, though, and ensures good results. However, if the procedure is carried out by unqualified technician, it can lead to undesirable consequences - burns that are the result of too long exposure to the bulbs or just misuse of the device.

An alternative method for the destruction of the hair follicle is electrolysis. It uses an electrochemical action of the galvanic current. The procedure for a more efficient and, most importantly, painless, but also more durable. In the salons use just two methods: electrolysis hair removal and high-frequency, making the fight against hair becomes effective.

One of the latest hardware solutions - laser hair removal. The hair bulb is destroyed volley laser which is able to penetrate the skin to a predetermined depth. In addition, laser hair removal - virtually painless procedure. In order to achieve the result you need 10-15 sessions at intervals of 1 month.


The simplest and most common method used in the bikini-design - bioepilyatsiya or waxing. Bioepilation simple and very udlbna the fact that in a short time removed a large amount of hair on long enough - from 3 weeks to 1, 5 months. After bioepilyatsii hair in a 70-80 percentage of cases are growing fewer and thinner.

Bioepilation somewhat painful, but not enough to give it up. After the first procedure, when triggered the effect of surprise, the feeling in the subsequent procedures are not so unpleasant.

Bioepilation bikini area - it is a laborious procedure. A composition comprising the heated wax is applied to the desired area of ​​the body. Then the wax, which is firmly enveloped the hair is removed, causing the skin parts with volosyannymi follicles. Time spent on bioepilyatsiyu - 40-60 minutes.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are contraindications to bioepilyatsii. This skin damage, cracks, birthmarks, dermatitis, psoriasis, presence of pustules.

The order of execution procedures in the cabin

Performing the procedure takes place in several stages.

Stage 1.   Hygiene treatment for bikini design.

Step 2.   Model selection. Master can advise the best option for you, based on body shape, density and height of hair.

Stage 3.   The choice of colors and decorations

Step 4.   Prior to shorten the length of the hair.

Step 5.   The test for allergies. The obligatory point is the definition of the security dyes.

Step 6. Preparing for staining.

Step 7.   Work on the pattern using several colors. Flat brush to make a drawing of the contour, a painted pre-cosmetic pencil.

Step 8.   Waxing bikini

Step 9. Processing bikini after depilation.

Step 10.   Decoration hairstyles.

Popular models of bikini-design

Previously, many women confined to the classic form of a bikini-design - beveled on the edges of the triangle with a clear horizontal line. But now it all depends on your imagination and skill of a specialist. Many salons even offer catalogs, which collected more than a hundred models.

The most popular models

- Heart, flower, butterfly

- The initial letter of a loved one

- "Brazilian" waxing

- "Tiffany" - a small patch of hair in the shape of a square

- A narrow strip of hair

- Playboy bunny

On the "Brazilian" hair removal

Brazilian Hair Removal - the removal of hair from the area of ​​female genital mutilation (this zone is called the "deep bikini"). The procedure is quite painful.

His march across the world popular for centuries complete udaleniyae hair beginning in the Arab East and in India in the late 80s of the 20th century. In 1987, when the seven sisters-Brazilians - Dzhosli, Joyce Dzhaneya, Dzhussara, Zhdurasi, Dzhudseya and Dzhonis Padila - founded in Manhattan Salon J Sisters International. They re-opened to the world that "deep bikini" - it's great. In Brazil, where they come from, the girls were "frank" and swimsuits so waxing is done this way, and it's very sexy.

During the Brazilian hair removal on the intimate zone is applied hot wax. Further nakladyvaetya wax strip of cloth, and then a sharp movement tear strip. Brazilian waxing lasts up to a month. When a new hair begins to grow, the woman should use a scrub and hard sponge, to avoid problems with ingrown hairs.
Author: Inna Sedykh