The test for "CIT"
 Beautiful, well-groomed hands with velvety skin and neat nails say about your mistress is not less than elegant hairstyle and stylish shoes. The more that is difficult to hide his hands, all the time they are in plain sight. Once gentle hands with snow-white skin had the privilege of aristocrats. And in more recent times, only wealthy ladies could afford not to engage in any public benefit or domestic work, care for your hands and hide them from the external environment under the gloves at any time of the year. Women working with envy looking at the delicate hands of housewives life.

Then times changed, and the word "cit" in the mouth of a horny-handed toilers gained slightly contemptuous tone. "Cit" has become synonymous with lazy, bezdelnitsy and clumsy. But the wheel of history took another turn and now, in our time not to follow the appearance, and including state hands is a sign of bad taste.

Fortunately, you can save it turns white and soft hands, without deviating from the work, one has only to make not too much effort. Now, check whether you will pass CIT test:
  • Do you wear gloves in winter?

  • Apply a sunscreen hand?

  • Do dirty homework protective gloves?

  • Moisturizing hand cream 3-4 times a day and after each hand washing?

  • Use hand wash only special mild detergent?

  • Applies scrubs and special cosmetics for hands?

  • To make at least once in a week mask and soothing baths for hands?

  • Performs gym and massage fingers?

  • You make a regular manicure?

If most of the questions you answered yes, then I am sure that with your hands you have everything in order, and you can easily enroll in the army of "shirkers" in the positive sense of the word.

Well, if you still do not pay enough attention to the care of their hands, look at them carefully. Soak them respect, compassion and love - in fact almost everything that we do hands eventually leaves its mark on them: dry, cracks, spots, reducing the elasticity of the skin. But no worries, you can still fix everything or almost everything! But do not leave the care of hands on then: if a person has suffered from poor care, you can "revive" with the help of cosmetology and plastic surgery, then hands the situation is more complicated. This is the case when the alert is much easier than cure! So, a few tips:

Home - Health

Do not forget that the skin on the hands is one of the body's immune barriers. Germs circle enough, and although our bodies with most of them copes easily, hand washing no one has yet been canceled! Wash hands with soap and water should be warm water (cold or too hot water harms the skin), and should be wiped dry. When choosing a soap, pay special attention to the PH-neutral, as well as the presence of special wetting agents (cream-soap). It is better to use for washing hands with liquid soap dispenser. And the skin is less dry out, and enjoy convenient and economical.

Moisturizes and nourishes

Use a moisturizing hand cream should be at least twice a day and preferably after each hand washing. In summer it is usually the more important. And remember that the need for summer creams with UV filter, because your skin is suffering from the sun as much as the rest, and even more! But at night apply a greasy nourishing cream.

Peeling for hands

To your skin was soft and gentle, at least once a week should exfoliate dead skin areas. Scrub (special hand or body) is applied to the skin, and gently and carefully rubbed it in a circular massaging movements. As a result of peeling the skin begins to "breathe", improves the penetration of the components of creams and baths. When applying the cream and use a scrub for hands the direction of movement should be from the fingertips to their base and fingerprints - to the wrist. This so-called "massage line," which is important to adhere to the care of the hands, so as not to stretch the skin, but on the contrary, stimulate its elasticity.

We protect and defend

All the dirty, as well as the use of chemicals, the work is done only with gloves. If the job requires precise movements and it can not be performed with gloves, special protective cream, such as "Silicone" cream paste "biological gloves", etc. These tools form on the skin of the hands of a thin film that protects the skin from the water, aqueous salt solutions, dilute acids and alkalis.

Special procedures

• Massage.   Your skin responds with gratitude and massage .  Massage consists of classical techniques stroking and rubbing in the direction from the tip to the base of the fingers, and then to the wrist, elbow, shoulder .  At the same time as it one-handed grab another .  Stroking movements interrupted by brief pressing and tweaks the thumb and forefinger of one hand the other soft tissues .  Finally pound and knead each joint, beginning with the fingers in a circular motion .  To remove the residual stress, a little shake hands and wrists rotate clockwise and back .  Massage fingers beneficial effect on the whole body, say reflexologist - so, massage from the base to the tip of the little finger improves the functioning of the heart muscle, relieves nervous and mental fatigue .  Massage the ring finger a beneficial effect on the liver and gallbladder, medium - regulates the activity of the intestines, the index - improves the performance of the entire gastrointestinal tract, large - increases the efficiency of the brain

• Gymnastics for arms.   For the health and beauty of hands to carry out simple exercises:
  • Pull the arm forward vigorously spread the fingers - and immediately connect.

  • Spread your fingers. Two fingers of one hand try to breed every two fingers on his other hand as far as possible from each other. Then change hands. After the exercises relax your fingers and shake tassels.

  • Take a rubber ball in your hand. Tightly with the tips of his thumb and index finger, first one, then the other arm. For lack of a nearby ball is try to do the same exercise, imagine that squeeze the ball, but he resists. Squeeze the rubber ball with different force.

Relieve fatigue and strain to help the following techniques:
  • Initially, a small massage. Take cream and small circular movements rub it in the palm and fingers.

  • Squeeze together the fingers of one hand. With the other hand gently bend the fingers first compressed and then the thumb away from you.

  • Make a fist and slowly unclench. Try to separate the fingers as far as possible from each other.

  • Relax your arms and squeeze into a fist again. Repeat 5-6 times.

  • Each finger individually shake slightly, relax, and then rotate alternately clockwise and against.

• Masks, wraps, baths.   If you need quick hands resuscitation, help oil wraps. Hand wash with warm water, wrapped in a cloth soaked in warm vegetable oil, put on thin gloves (knitted or wool). Duration wrapping - an hour and a half after the time wrap is removed, the remaining oil is rubbed into the skin, then wipe your hands with a napkin. This procedure effectively removes dry and cracked skin.

The good effect is observed by paraffin. Its essence is: applied to clean skin cream, a hand and then coated with liquid paraffin, which solidifies at room temperature. On top of cellophane is put on the glove and then terry mitten, so the wax cools more slowly. Due to the thermal effect improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, joint pain, in addition, cooling down, the paraffin smoothes and tones the skin.

A great way to care for your hands is the use of masks. For example, potato: 300 g potatoes, 2 h. L. cucumber or lemon juice. Potatoes, boiled in "uniform", mash together with the skins, then add the cucumber or lemon juice, all carefully rub and cool. Warm mass, apply a thick layer on your hands for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water and blot with a towel.

Excellent soften and tone the skin of the hand bath with chamomile, lime, St. John's wort. In the hot broth of herbs (insist 20 minutes), dip your hands for 15 minutes, then drain cloth and apply hand cream with vitamins.

 The test for "CIT"

• Well, the main decoration of our hands - healthy nails   beautiful shape. Do not forget to pay close attention to them. Most care products today are suitable for the hands and nails at the same time. And of course neat manicure! The classical form of oval nails is considered, although currently in vogue as well and the square shape. The latest trend of nail design - a neat short nails lacquered saturated color.

Take care of your hands gently and persistently, and you'll always be ready for the most warmly received, successful business communication and friendly handshake. We can say, health and beauty of our hands literally "our hands", joined the ranks of "shirkers"!
Author: Olga Travleeva