The unique duo - sun and water
 Summer - holiday season in the country and the sea, season picnics and warm wind, but burned his nose and "potekshy makeup" can seriously spoil the mood. However, these troubles can be avoided if you follow certain rules.

Long winter leads to a "solar starvation", which deprives our bodies of vital energy .  Particularly affected by this residents of large cities, where the industry was able to delay the ultraviolet rays .  The sun stimulates the vitality and joy of life revives .  Sun harmonizes the hormone, enzyme, circulatory system of the body .  Under the influence of sunlight in our skin is formed Vitamin D - trace elements necessary for building bones .  On the other hand, the sun is the main factor causing skin aging .  Sunbathing, we must remember about the risk .  Ultraviolet light hits the skin and stimulates the production of melanin in increased amounts, ie tan is a deliberate damage to the skin .  Therefore you must be sure to use sunscreen .  Modern facilities include not only a system of inorganic filters, but also active substances that protect the skin from the inside .  UV filters are capable of absorbing the sun's rays on the beach and in the water, that is, in high-risk areas .  On the packaging to indicate the significance SPF (Sun Protection Factor - SPF) .  If you do that burns instantly, you need the maximum degree of protection .  Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the duration of sunbathing and the activity of radiation, where you plan to sunbathe .  However, it is proved that the use of a very high protective factor reduces the production of vitamin D in the body .  Sunbathing, do not turn to the sun right person .  It is necessary to sunbathe only in profile, alternating between one side of the face on the other hand to the nose and forehead are not burned and was even tan in the cheeks and temples, and neck .

The most beneficial effect, along with the fresh air and sun, has sea water. This happens because in seawater dissolved many impurities: potassium, magnesium, manganese and arsenic, a certain amount of precious metals and many other components. During bathing, all these substances are beneficial to the human body by acting on the nerve endings in the skin through the pores. Therefore it is not recommended to wash immediately after bathing under the shower bland. Also important are the temperature of the sea water, its density and the force of the impact wave, carrying out a kind of body massage. Therefore, any movement in the water: the game ball, swimming or diving - well-trained muscles, heart and lungs.

Another problem that you may encounter on a summer vacation - it's dehydration. Defending against solar radiation, summer skin thickens and coarsens. If you saturate it with moisture, it will immediately look younger, increase its firmness and elasticity. In the evening, it is necessary to revive the upper layers of the skin exposed to sunlight, using a variety of reducing agents that reduce damage to the cells of our skin with ultraviolet light. In addition, procedures for cleaning the skin need to use non-alkaline agents with a light texture that moisturize and maintain the skin's moisture balance. Do not leave the face to dry yourself after bathing. In this case, the liquid evaporates and the skin is dehydrated, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. However, it is very important during the summer heat to prevent dehydration and general - aiming to drink 7-8 glasses of fluid a day.

But we must remember that in the summer the use of makeup is better to limit. Since the summer - the season of "the current make-up" (under the influence of the warm texture of cosmetics begin to melt), it is necessary to acquire sustainable products - waterproof mascara, lipstick and shadows stable. In the summer should also minimize the use of perfumes. After contact with skin, neck, décolleté perfume or toilet water, perhaps the appearance of age spots. Perfume is best left for the evening, when the heat subsides.

When the temperature outside begins to climb to 25C, it is simply the call of nature - to expose more skin. Defending her well and caring for Ray, you do not wear trousers and blouses to the closed end of the season!
Author: Inna Sedykh