Want to live to 100? Read it!
 6 secrets: how to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Forget about finding the fountain of youth. Simple habits that are part of your lifestyle, can prolong life by 8-10 years, says bestselling author of «The Blue Zones» Dan Buttner (Dan Buettner).

With a team of doctors and dermatologists investigator traveled to four regions of the world: Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, California; and the peninsula of Nicoya, Costa Rica - where a high percentage of people laugh, live and love in its 100 years.

After exploring the life of the population, their life and habits Buttner identified six secrets to their incredible health and longevity. Read - and you'll learn simple habits that can prolong your life.

1.   Laugh out loud. "One of the most notable things is found in each of the study groups I, was that they never get angry, and always laughing," - says Buttner. Laughter not only reduces anxiety, it also relaxes blood vessels, reduces the risk of heart disease, says Buttner, referring to the study of the University of Maryland.

2.   Engage trivial activity. None of the centenarians, as noted by Buttner and his team are not involved marathon runs or melting iron. People in their 100 years of doing low-intensity activity - walking long distances, gardening and playing with children - which has long made a part of their daily routine. As a result - they train regularly, not even thinking about it. Additional training can be measured as follows: choose the stairs instead of the elevator, park far from the entrance to the store or other building, and give preference to cycling walks instead of sitting with a plate of food at the TV.

3.   Eat small portions. Confucius phrase rooted in the culture of Okinawa: "Hara Hachi Bu" - which means "Eat until you're fed up to 80 percent." Your stomach takes about 20 minutes to tell the brain that it is full, so if you stop eating before naedites, then avoid overeating. Another trick? Set your kitchen on a useful food buying a small plate and removing it from the TV. Consumption of food while watching TV, listening to music or about the computer - says Buttner - reduced to a useless consumption. Concentrate on eating, he said to consume less, eat slowly and enjoy the taste and texture more.

4. Remove the nutcracker. Researcher community Seventh-day Adventist, who studied the life of Loma Linda, found that those who ate nuts five times a week, half reduces the risk of heart disease and lived two years longer than those who do not. "Enough to eat small portion - 30 to 60 grams," says Buttner. Sachets of nuts in your office or put it in her purse for an afternoon snack. Or add roasted walnuts or pecans to a green salad, toss roasted cashews in chicken salad or fish season with thinly sliced ​​plates of other nuts, offers Buttner.

5.   Be choosy with your environment. "Be wary of friendship" - says Buttner. "Gathers people who support your lifestyle and you." The people of Okinawa, one of the major long-lived, have a tradition of not just forming strong social networks (called moais), but also their education. Kamada Nakazato (Kamada Nakazato), 102 years, never spends a day without meeting with his four close friends from childhood, sweet soul to the conversation. Once set close circle of friends, do not let him diminish. Accept every effort to maintain a friendship - with the help of frequent meetings and friendships conversations.

6.   Live with a purpose. In Costa Rica it is called a plan de vida. In Okinawa, ikigai. "For all of equal significance is the goal, which fills their life with meaning," - says Buttner. "You should know why wake up every morning." This will help you determine the value of life and re-evaluate their capabilities and efforts. Engage in activities that will help you achieve intended purpose and make you happy.
Author: Ann, New York