Winter problem gentle hands
 Winter - a serious test for our skin, especially in vulnerable places like her face and hands. But if we take care of the face very carefully here and creams, masks and massage, various "injections of beauty", and cosmetics in which case always comes to help, with hands is somewhat different. Often all care is reduced to the application of moisturizer several times a day, and yet it is not enough, especially in the cold season!

In winter, under the influence of low temperatures reduced the activity of the sebaceous glands, the protective lipid film of the skin becomes thinner, the skin becomes very sensitive, prone to irritation, peeling and the formation of cracks. And then there's the devastating effects of central heating, desiccate the air in the rooms, and seasonal shortage of vitamin ... Of course, our wise organism itself tries to cope with adverse conditions. Defending against aggressive environmental influences, it is stepping up the top layer of the epidermis. And the skin on the hands is becoming a thick, coarse and rough. But do we want this?

Do not forget that, in the modern world hand - it is our business card, and weathered the cold red hands look very ugly, and even manicures and painted nails will not save the situation.

There are two main factors salvation hand skin in winter: reliable protection plus intensive moisturizing!

All means to protect the good, and all of them should be used - and gloves (mittens in hard frost), and barrier creams (ointments).

Protective Cream , Which usually consists of glycerin, beeswax and olive oils, cocoa, oregano and wheat germ, and cedar oil, badger fat, etc. Can be a real boon! Effective creams cryoprotectants as a kind of "bioperchatki." They create on the skin surface a thin protective layer. The skin under this cream continues to breathe and retain natural moisture. Choose for yourself the right cream is not a problem to pay a special attention should be labeled "protection from the cold."

 Winter problem gentle hands
   Perfectly suited to protect children's delicate female handles creams, such as "Mittens" . Vitamins E and F in the composition of such creams is well soften the skin and restore its natural protective barrier, and additional components - allantoin and chamomile extract has a healing and soothing effect.

It has the same composition and winter hand cream "Zimushka winter" It is quickly absorbed in the skin and forms a very thin protective layer that protects against chapping and peeling.

 Winter problem gentle hands
 Almost perfect tool winter hand care can be considered concentrated hand cream odorless Neutrogena Norwegian Formula   It provides protection, intensive care and recovery of even very dry and cracked skin of hands .  This cream contains a lot of glycerin, which is immediately absorbed and penetrates the skin cells, making the skin supple and soft .  Probably, many people, the fact that the content of glycerin in a cream guard because at times it is a component falls into the "black list" because of its properties allegedly pulling water from the deeper layers of the skin .  Recent studies show that it is nothing more than a delusion! On the contrary, with small dimensions and possessing high affinity for water molecules, which is always present in cosmetics (glycerol molecule is able to "link" ten water molecules), it well penetrates the epidermis and contributes to the saturation of all the layers of skin moisture, i.e. moisturizes .  Thus, glycerine, penetrating through the skin from outside with the water and under the influence, can not dry the skin from the inside or outside .  Is that if you try to apply to the skin pure glycerin (without water) . 

In cold weather, your hands some mittens and protective equipment can not be saved. A comprehensive care, including nutrition, hydration and masks. As recommended professional cosmetologists care of delicate skin of the hands during the cold and off-season.

- The most simple and universal procedure Hand care - spread a thick layer of cream or oil (olive) and wear cotton gloves. To do this, of course, is more convenient for the night.

- Pay special attention to the selection of cleaning agents: a soft cream soap, soap in liquid form - this is what you need hands to keep clean, and at the same time, these funds do not desiccate the skin. After washing hands with soap is required to apply moisturizer.

- Detergents and hot water - the number one enemy for the beauty of hands at any time of the year. Therefore, all the homework with their use should be carried out with gloves on. Of course, this may not seem very comfortable, but the main thing here - the habit, as surgeons perform complex operations in the signet, and then some dishwashing!

- It is useful once a week to do softening bath of chamomile or green tea , Hand masks of honey, olive oil, fat cottage cheese and egg yolk, boiled potatoes. At the micro cracks and rough hands of a very useful soar hands in warm water, which boiled rice or potatoes. Such water has an antibacterial and soothing effect. Hands after such baths do not wipe.

- Most good procedure, which is very fast and has a beneficial effect on the skin - paraffin . It is usually performed in the cabin, but you can easily do, and at home. To do this, it would be nice to buy a special paraffin bath, but you can do without it, melting the wax in a water bath.

So melted paraffin, and while it melts, cleanse your hands and put on their fat nourishing cream. Omit the hands into the molten wax into three approaches to his hands on the layer was thicker. Forming a film on the skin, hot wax solidifies rather quickly, so immediately we put hands on plastic disposable gloves (or bags) and warm mittens. Sharp movements with his hands, it is desirable not to do that paraffin is not cracked. 30-40 minutes later, you can shoot "paraffin glove", it usually does not make much of a problem. Now it should be applied to the skin moisturizer. The skin immediately after such a procedure becomes soft, soft, silky, fade fine cracks, flaking.

 Winter problem gentle hands
 If your hands hurt from the cold ...
Well, it does happen! Forgot to wear gloves, have not put in time protection means, in general, did not protect ... Leather first blanched, then flushed, covered with spots, beginning to peel and crack - in this case it is necessary to take emergency measures, and moisturizing cream here is unlikely to help. If the damage is not very much look awful, you can try to cope by using medicinal vitamin ointments - "Radevit", "Redetsil", "Videstim" and others.

These ointments are a composition of the most important skin vitamins. Vitamins in pure form and emulsion base, which contributes to a better absorption of them. Vitamin A - Vitamin growth, it normalizes metabolism in the skin, provides healing of wounds, cracks, scratches. Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Vitamin E - the strongest antioxidant, it prevents skin aging.

In some cases, it will be the salvation of an ointment for external use F99. Its structure consists of esters of unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic), they improve lipid metabolism in the body, have an antioxidant effect, improves skin regeneration processes, but without advice of a doctor-dermatologist to use this ointment is not recommended.

This is a dermatologist and should be treated in an emergency, if the skin is badly damaged and cope on their own can not.

And one more important factor! It will be appreciated that the vitamins beauty - A, E, C promotes the protection and preservation of a healthy skin condition not only in ointments and creams, but also in our daily menu! Vitamin A - the main fighter with dryness and flaking of the skin. To make up for its deficiency in the body, you must eat dried fruits, carrots, bananas. Contained it is also in the sour cream, cream, rose hips. Vitamin E - prevents associated with cold exacerbation of skin diseases, a lot of it is found in nuts, sunflower, olive, corn oil, oatmeal. Vitamin C - increases the immunity of the whole organism and skin including, contained in citrus fruits, kiwifruit, cabbage (pickled in more than a crude).

Most of the service we will provide the skin (hands and including) to protect against irritating external factors when we introduce to your diet olive oil. It is especially good in that it contains fatty acid is in a form in which they are located in the body, and therefore they are very easily absorbed, and of vitamins, including A and E, there is also available. Very useful for skin are those "winter" vegetables like carrots, squash, beets, celery, potatoes, etc., Though of course during storage of the vitamins utrachivaetsyab and closer to spring, so they are less in vegetables.

Only the full range of activities - protection, care, good nutrition, can achieve guaranteed success, save your hands in perfect condition throughout the winter period and prevent premature aging. And you should not ignore them, as opposed to the face or body, your hands can not be "patched" with the help of plastic surgery or camouflage makeup. This is the case when it is easier to prevent than cure.
Author: Olga Travleeva