Burnt by the Sun, or the red, red, caulk ... Part 3
 We are struggling with pigmentation!

Useful tips

- Eat foods rich in vit. C (citrus fruits, rosehips, currants, sweet peppers, kiwi, green peas, cauliflower, celery, liver). In autumn and winter, and a tendency to the formation of age spots eat pelleted vit. S. It is better to apply a complex of vitamins and trace elements.

  With a lack of vit. A, C, PP enhanced melanogenesis (melanin synthesis), the lack of B vitamins lowers it.

- The use of strong tea and coffee provokes the formation of age spots.

- Abuse of meat, fat and other "heavy" food leads to stress on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and, as a consequence, provokes the formation of pigmentation. Conversely, the inclusion in the diet of fruits and vegetables contributes to a smooth and beautiful complexion.

- Lemon juice is not masked zamenyatyte citric acid. This can cause chemical burns of the skin.

- Masks with the "acidic" component (lemon juice, sour milk, sauerkraut, etc.) are transferred hard dry skin. To mitigate the effect of such masks on it, can be added to these oil.

- All whitening procedures should be carried out in the evening, preferably after treatment without leaving the street. When their skin is most vulnerable to sunlight. But if the procedure is carried out and peel, then - and street dirt.

- Wear sunglasses (see. Above).

- Use decorative cosmetics to SPF- filters.

Many companies offer an alternative to salon procedures - bleaching products for home use or complexes mikroderabrazii / chemical / enzymatic peeling, and skin-lightening.

  A few decades ago, when the bleach, many women are disappointed. The result is not so significant, and the consequences - impressive!

  First chemical peels for home use on the basis of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids, in spite of a long and successful application of dermatology and cosmetology, in the "home" preparations provoked irritation and inflammation of the skin.

  Leading companies and laboratories are now offering products chemical peel at home, in the aggressiveness of acids which are neutralized, while maintaining their activity (often by reducing the acid content% to the level of sound and adding special mitigation systems).

  Kit Peeling (Lierac), Kit Peeling Renovateur de Peau (Gatineau), Peeling with AHA and BHA acids Neoskin (Faberlic), Laser a-peel (Dr. Brandt), Peel TermoActif (Estee Lauder).

  Some companies offer microdermabrasion products for home use : Expert System microdermabrasion Renewex (RoC) (electric applicator nozzle with a sponge and cream with microcrystals of aluminum oxide); microdermabrasion and enzyme mikropiling Neoskin (Faberlic) (includes diatermalnye algae loofah fiber and enzymes).

  Many experts agree: the skin is monochromatic, it is necessary to work on many tasks: to reduce existing blemishes and prevent new ones. As we already know, new age spots are formed due to uneven melanin symptoms that may be due to chronic inflammation of the melanocytes. Given this problem, many laboratories offer means that restore upper soi eliminate inflammation and skin melanocytes.

  Prevage (Elizabet Arden), Substitutive White (Dr. Pierre Ricaud), Crème Hydratante Reparatrice Neoskin (Faberlic), Blanc Expert Neuro-White (Lancome).

  And, of course, many firms are special preparations for the bleaching of stains affecting the synthesis of melanin.

  - Essence Whitening Essence Acceleratrice de Depigmentation (Lierac) contains vit. FROM;

  - Whitening Cream (Mirra Lux) contains extracts of cranberries and green tea, vit. C, fruit acids;

  - Cream whitening moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 6 (Denis Ozorin) contains lactic and kojic acid, ammonium lactate;

  - Floresan F-31 Daylight bleaching cream cocktail Sun protection (Floresan) contains fruit acids, vit. C, flax seed extract and cucumber;

  - Snow White Whitening Cream (Biocon) - with fruit acids;

  - Intensive whitening cream "Wild ginseng» (Coreana) contains arbutin and cape gooseberry;

  - Whitening Emulsion Face CWS Cellular Day Emulsion SPF15 (La Prairie)
  contains fruit acids;

  - Whitening cream with UV protection Ahromin (Alenmak) contains hydroquinone;

  - Concentrated serum to remove dark spots and vyravniyavaniya complexion White Lucence concentrated Brightening Serum Antitache (Shiseido) contains fruit acids and depigmenting components;

  - Serum of pigment spots Concentre Anti-taches Intensif (Faberlic) contains arbutin and vit. FROM.

!!! Some cosmetologists are not advised to use the cream for a long time, in which there are fruit acids, as it can dry up the skin.

  Before selecting means ask composition and, better yet, consult a beautician.

Future plans

• In the near future should see patches of pigment spots (Lancaster).

• In Japan (Shiseido) developed Cosmetics containing active ingredients at the same time blocking the synthesis of melanin and prevents stains.

• In France (Piaubert) Whitening developed food supplement based on colorless carotenoids and specific neurotransmitters (Lancome), which will improve the complexion after stress.

Want now!!!

  Really, what do you do now with the pigmentation, if it takes time to resolve, and the "out" you need to go today?

  Come to the aid of professional makeup artists! They invented make-up in the style of fresh look (looks cool) - the illusion of perfect skin!

  For this it is recommended to use makeup foundation and compact powder with light reflecting particles.

  In a fashion includes creams with a base, which is pre-evens. Some tools can be found pearl powder, which brightens the skin.

  Use correctors white spot reduce, green or almond hide redness, purple mask the shortcomings of the epidermis, yellowish eliminate puffiness and circles, apricot mute brown spots.

  Do not get involved in the dark tonal framework (matched the color of the spots). Wise to adjust the color of age spots by the main color.

  It looks great tonal base with opal effect.

  The main thing - do not apply on the face "layer of plaster," which was old even more than the actual age spots.

If you are going to work on skin color, be patient and follow all the procedures regularly. Skin Lightening even a semitone helps to look for a couple of years younger! The fact is, nothing can be done ...
Author: Valery Maslov