Heavy fighting: Cosmetics and cellulite
 In the 70 years of the twentieth century saw a rapid change in fashion trends, which resulted in the wardrobe of the fair sex were very short skirts and revealing evening gowns. It was at this time there was confusion in the terms in relation to some cosmetic defects.

For example, cellulite and to this day is considered to be a cosmetic drawback, but now doctors recognized the fact that cellulite - it is still a consequence of metabolic disorders   (hormonal disorders, age-related changes, poor nutrition and bad habits). In the past, doctors disown the problems under the name "cellulite", completely shifting it onto the shoulders of cosmetologists. But in 70 years nothing was known about the mechanisms of emergence burdened with fat cells and liquid, because the question engaged in pharmaceutical laboratories.

One of the first laboratories to tackle the problem of cellulite has become a laboratory Lerak (Lierac) Founded in 1975, the head of which was the French pharmacist Karel . Incidentally, the name he gave to his laboratory, turning his name on the contrary! Cariel - Lierac! The products of this brand based on the purified and concentrated plant extracts. First means Lerak become a means for body care - anti-cellulite programs and programs for weight loss, the means to fight stretch marks.

They still remain highly effective and popular (in France these products are prescribed together with courses of drug therapy as an aid). Following this success, the laboratory Lerak introduced to its range of care products for face and eye contour. Currently in stock Lerak there are about 70 kinds of products.

Old laboratory Vichy   (founded in 1931) to address the problem of cellulite later. In the arsenal of its funds at the moment there are several products used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The basis of the cosmetics - thermal water from the source of St. Luke and specific active substances.

The most "young players" in the market of anti-cellulite cosmetics - products firm Fate   and Ozone . The principle of operation of different, but each tool has its fans who use them constantly.

The basis of all anti-cellulite creams - highly concentrated plant extracts that are part of a normal extraction or modified (specially modified) molecules that provide high efficiency.

Active anti-cellulite cosmetic compositions especially reduced skin elasticity and its normal thickness by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin (physiological precursor of collagen). It decreases the effect of "orange peel" by restoring the skin tone. Effectively helps seaweed extract, the low molecular weight collagen, retinol (vitamin A and its derivatives), some extracts of medicinal herbs: licorice, horsetail, ivy, wheat proteins (modified exclusive complex), soy proteins, ascorbic acid.

As a rule, the components are added, improving blood circulation: green tea extract, horse chestnut, ginkgo biloba, grape, fucus, arnica, vitamins A and K, PP.

Reduced fat   It takes place under the influence of fat-burning substances. Under their influence increases metabolism within the cell. It may be a lipase, caffeine, extract of pineapple, mate, mud.

Drain effect   (removal of excess fluid from the congested cells) prevents edema. This helps horse chestnut extract and green tea.

Most active ingredients to restore skin tone and smoothness - keratoregulyatory   (pure retinol, fruit acids). This substance accelerates the process of renewal of skin cells. Their use is aligned skin relief, that is gradually removed the "orange peel".

Local irritants - a substance does not penetrate the skin, which heated the skin, increase the local temperature due to the stimulation of blood circulation, accelerate the process of splitting fat, improve the elimination of toxins, enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Among them, methyl nicotinate, capsicum extract.

 Heavy fighting: Cosmetics and cellulite

Means cellulite apply for special schemes, which are developed by laboratory professionals manufacturers. This may be ampoule means, sera, creams, thermoset formulations. The most effective serum ampoule and extracts, as they contain the maximum concentrations of the active substances. They are applied to problem areas 1-2 times a day. Since they recommend starting treatment. Thermoactive drugs are used for treatments of home body wraps. Creams - for daily care.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics are recommended for at least 3 months in combination with a massage or other methods of mechanical action.

Do not forget that there are anti-cellulite cosmetics Contraindications . For example, thermoactive creams should not be used for pregnant women and people suffering from varicose veins. Frequent allergic reactions due to the fact that such preparations often added exotic plant extracts in active concentrations.

As practice shows, do not expect immediate results. Solving the "orange peel" or a decrease in the waist - not an easy task. Optimal results from the use of means of medical cosmetics are achieved in combination with a minimum of physical activity while respecting simple rules of healthy eating. And to consolidate the results necessary to apply anti-cellulite cosmetics for at least 3 months.
Author: Olga Zorina