The first lines: whether to panic?
 First wrinkles for many becomes a complete surprise. It seemed quite recently was your skin fresh and young, and now around the eyes crawl small folds. Do not worry, and do not rush to buy expensive anti-wrinkle agents - still not too late to correct a simple way.

When the hour "X"?

  The first signs of the time leaves on the most tender and delicate skin around the eyes. Early fishnet wrinkles we usually remark on the lower eyelids. This so-called mimic wrinkles. They usually begin to appear after 20 years, and after 25 become noticeable. And it is a call to action. While you are young, your skin is still itself making enough new cells. Just came time to more carefully take care of it, as long as possible to prolong the beauty.

  How to be?

  Firstly, it is necessary to say much about what not to do .  Do not buy expensive and highly publicized anti-wrinkle cream .  These funds are not for you, and for women more respectable age .  Moisturizer with active components may be used only after 30 years .  In the meantime, choose a cream that is right for your age group .  Let it be a brand that you trust and long time use .  The main thing is that the cream was not just for the face, namely Century .  The fact that the skin around the eyes differs from the skin on other parts of the body .  It is much thinner and more delicate, but poorly endowed with blood vessels and body fat .  It is dry and sensitive skin .  However, it rarely is at rest - the small muscles around the eyes are constantly tense .  Choose a cream that gently smooth out facial wrinkles and provides the skin with essential vitamins and minerals .  If the skin around the eyes you often swells, there are circles under the eyes - these problems will also help manage special cream .  In addition to the need to stock up on moisturizer and cleanser for the skin around the eyes - foam and lotion .  Apply the cream very carefully, without stretching the skin .  To do this, tighten the muscles around the eyes and a light hammer cream fraction fingers or gentle stroking movements: on the upper eyelid - towards the outer corner of the eye, on the lower eyelid - towards the bridge of the nose . 

  Buying cosmetics for the eyes - mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner - do not be stingy. Cheap funds typically do not contain a sufficient amount of moisturizing ingredients and can harm your skin.

  From my grandmother's diary

  Regularly "fertilize" the skin useful homemade mask. In folk medicine, there are many effective and useful recipes for moisturizing and rejuvenating masks and lotions for sensitive skin age. The easiest method for grandma: lotion with herbal infusions. Buy at the pharmacy to collect daisies, hypericum or mint, better bags, brew pot, let it brew. Then soaked in herbal teas cotton swab or bag attach itself to the eyes. Lie down, relax, 10-15 minutes.

  Love green tea - perfect! After tea attach a used tea bag to the centuries - vitamin mask is ready. Regularly drinking broth hips? Give "try" this truly healthful drink and your skin, wipe the face with a tampon soaked in broth, make lotions for ever. Main features are good herbal lotion at the end of a hard day, especially if you spend much time at the computer. So you not only will attach your skin tone, but remove the fatigue and stress with the eyes.

  And here is the recipe for a morning masks century, which will help relieve swelling. Grate the raw potatoes, squeeze the juice, apply to the eyelids in the potato juice soaked swab. You can wrap a grated potato in cheesecloth and apply to the eyes. In the fight against swellings especially effective potatoes. But the best way - just to avoid the appearance of edema. If you often find yourself at the bags under the eyes - adjust your drinking regime and reduce the intake of salt. If this does not help - consult your doctor.

Beauty = Health

  But taking care of your skin from the outside, do not forget the most important component of beauty - a healthy lifestyle .  Here are the main factors that worsen the condition of the skin and contribute to its rapid fading: bad habits (smoking, alcohol), frequent stress, bad ecology, active exposure to UV rays, poor diet and strict diet, which leads to a drastic weight loss .  Indeed, it is very difficult to subordinate his life to the care of beauty .  Someone can not quit or give up your favorite chips, many daily breathing exhaust fumes and almost round the clock work at the computer .  But everything is in our hands .  If the terms of your life far from ideal, would have to take good care of their health and beauty .  And here the main rate will have to make the correct nutrition and sport .  However, the right diet - does not mean - Diet .  On the contrary, the skin does not like strict diets and low-fat foods .  After subcutaneous fat just and protects the skin from wrinkles .  So, our face will tell us "thank you" if we have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish (especially fatty fish is useful varieties - salmon, mackerel), lean meats and whole grains; if we drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and mineral water .  In addition, we need to find time for daily walks in the fresh air and exercises, and sleep at least 8 hours a day .

  Children's habits

  In addition to these, there is still a number of factors that affect the condition of our skin. And for them we usually somehow forget. And in vain ... So, in order not to injure the delicate skin around the eyes, you can not: actively rub your eyes (and as hard to get rid of the children's habits!), Stretch the eyelid skin (do not tell more than jokes about the Chinese!), Propping up the face with his fist, sleeping on your stomach his face buried in the pillow, go to bed unwashed, squinting and building faces (watch your facial expressions, and you got short-sighted - wear glasses!).
Author: Julia Stepin