5 LPs salon hair removal techniques
 Silky skin woman without a hint of natural vegetation gets 90% of men - say the study. But how difficult at times to maintain her flawless look! Cabin treatments much easier to care for the body, while ensuring long-lasting effect.

Cabin methods of hair removal at the hearing today. Many women prefer it to them, because once the procedure done will forget about the unwanted vegetation for a long period of time or forever! The main thing is to make the right choice!

Enzyme epilation

During the procedure, the dermatologist spends thermochemical effect on hair follicles. Use special tools with plant enzymes that destroy the cells of the hair, long stopping their growth.

Procedure:   in the selected area, which can be even bikini area, apply enzimosoderzhaschy cream. Further, this place turns into a silicone band that is also called termobandazhem. There is an infrared rays irradiation, causes the activation of enzymes. Their effect is that after the removal of tapes you will find with weakened hair roots, which then removes the master with the help of wax.

Advantages of the procedure:   enzymatic hair removal - painless gentle process which can be carried out even when the epilation or laser hair removal is due to the peculiarities of the skin is not recommended. An added bonus is a moisturizing skin treatments because the means employed favor the retention of moisture.

Safety measures:   to prevent possible complications of the procedure, it should be preceded by a test for sensitivity to the chemicals used. After this type of hair removal for the week is strictly forbidden to stay on the beach and solarium. Otherwise, the appearance of age spots is almost natural.

 5 LPs salon hair removal techniques

Ultrasonic Hair Removal

Ultrasonic hair removal can be called an analogue of the enzyme, with the only difference being that in the first case, the substances destroying the hair follicles enter into the skin by means of ultrasound, and the second - with the help-heat.

Procedure:   in the area of ​​the skin (face, legs and bikini area) is applied to a gel with the active substances. Next is sonication violating the process of cell division of hair.

Advantages of the procedure:   it can be carried out immediately after tanning or after sun exposure. Hair is easily removed, even in hard to reach areas like the nose or ears. Held ultrasonic hair removal quick and almost painless.

Safety measures:   Unfortunately, during the procedure destroys not only the roots of the hair, but also the surrounding skin cells, so there may be redness.

Laser hair removal

At the desired area of ​​the skin is sent to the laser beam, which acts on melanin contained in dark hairs. As a result, the hair is bleached, and hair follicles are destroyed.

Procedure:   By laser impact on the skin, with short intervals in order to avoid overheating the skin. The procedure is performed only on dark hair to blond hair or vellus preferred other methods.

Advantages of the procedure:   for one session can handle large parts of the body, e.g., arm or buttocks area.

Safety measures:   method is suitable only for those women who have the contrast between skin and hair color pronounced. If the skin and dark hair, the laser will affect all enzymes that eventually forms a milky spots on the skin surface.

 5 LPs salon hair removal techniques


The procedure, which has passed the test of time, as there is armed with dermatologists for decades. It is considered one of the most accessible methods. Zone remove unwanted vegetation - each except the neck.

Procedure:   A special needle is inserted into the hair follicle, which is destroyed by the impact of the current high-frequency waves. The result depends on the accuracy of needle placement specialist.

Advantages of the procedure:   successful electrolysis removes all unwanted vegetation.

Safety measures:   this is a painful form of hair removal that does not always guarantee the destruction of the hair follicle. In postprotsedurnom period may be swelling and irritation.


This method is quite young, which is based on a combination of heat and light. It can be done on all body parts.

Procedure:   you wear safety goggles. From the hair removal process is reminiscent of light flashes. The doctor puts on the problem area a cooling gel that reduces pain and sends him a lamp, giving pulsed light.

Advantages of the procedure:   subject to the removal of all types of hair - hard vellus or dark color painting. The process itself is painful enough. But after the meeting women notice improvement of the skin, and even rejuvenation.

Safety measures:   should refrain from this method, owners of natural vegetation, lighter skin tone.

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Author: Natalia Bartukova