An alternative to the sea: Comprehensive Spa-treatments
 We always look forward to the beginning of summer to go on a long-awaited trip to the world. But, unfortunately, as if we do not manage your time, sometimes to escape from the daily routine and get away from the constant affairs becomes impossible. Often, even a pre-planned trip break, and the dream already seems impossible. But do not despair!

Now, take a trip to any corner of the world, you can not even go outside of their hometown. Enjoy the special atmosphere of the resort and its incomparable advantage can be a nail-pedicure modern beauty. The secret lies in the innovative SPA-complex, established on the basis of thermal water and natural ingredients from around the world. Unique constituents of preparations with ethnic flavors and unique skin care rituals, accompanied by traditional music will give you a complete sense of being in the desired country of the world and high-quality comprehensive care.

The healing properties of water have been known since Roman times, when the popularity enjoyed "akvaborba" with a variety of diseases and ailments. Over time, the technology was improved, making the mineral baths in SPA-programs. Now the water complex in combination with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and excellent flavor - is a highly efficient system of recovery of the body, harmonize inner balance that offers the best resorts in the world, as well as the beauty-studio. Care is available to everyone. If you can not escape from the "concrete jungle", a modern beauty salon will always offer an alternative to the sea ...

In whatever country of the world you do not want to make a trip, the master of beauty can become a true guide for her amazing SPA-places and talk about the traditions and customs of their people. Journey to the Dead Sea, in the eastern and western countries or even hot deserts of Arizona will be possible thanks to innovative services and an exclusive SPA-care.

Groomed legs running on the track ...

Let's start a world tour through the resorts of the world, without leaving the beauty salon .  What attracts most people in the summer? Of course, the warm sea, hot sun! Now turn over the coast and try a slice of summer joy, you can use SPA-program .  Where to go first? At the Dead Sea! It is in the spotlight because of its healing properties .  Who does not know about its benefits? Holidays spent here can not only pleasure, but also to make a miraculous transformation: to make the nails strong, fresh and taut skin and hair strong and shiny .  The secret lies in the magic changes the unique properties of the Dead Sea, whose waters contain almost the entire periodic table .  Natural exfoliating salt instantly cleanses the skin, promoting cell renewal, intensive nutrition ... If you can not go to Israel to enjoy the benefit of the coastal resort on the procedures you can sea SPA, for example, complex Marine Spa Pedicure   by CND.

 An alternative to the sea: Comprehensive Spa-treatments

What good Marine Spa Pedicure? This service is made on the preparations that are based on sea extracts, salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. Because of this it has similar properties to the miraculous water. It's over, salon care does not replace the full week spent on vacation, but it is like the sea sand and gentle care of the skin of feet. Cabin systems SPA-pedicure usually involves softening bath, superficial and deep skin peeling, treatment of corns, cooling mask and foot massage. Thus, essential oils and natural mineral ingredients and fruit extracts complex Marine Spa Pedicure   of CND can provide a highly effective foot care and the result, which will continue for a long time.

If you like it hot holiday, then the next item will be traveling SPA-desert of Arizona.

 An alternative to the sea: Comprehensive Spa-treatments

Warm feet warm hot sand is now possible to ... pedicure. Will it make the minerals, essential oils and even volcanic clay! All these natural components can warm up, but also have a stunning effect within a few hours spent in the "interior desert". Thus, the "warm pedicure" Raw Earth SPA pedicure   of CND is a set of tools, enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, which both have several actions: soften and purify the skin, deodorize warm, nourish and tone, infecting energy Arizona sun.

Hands like Chinese silk

The summer season is considered a pedicure: As soon as the "change shoes" change closed shoes to sandals, immediately raises a lot of problems. Hide in boots corns, calluses, yellowed nails - all this catches the eye and brings a lot of inconvenience to their owners. But, at the foot care, we should not forget about the attractiveness of the hands. It was for him much can "read" and learn about the man.

That is why the summer is absolutely not do without a fragrant, relaxing SPA-care for hands. The sweet fruity notes, dizzying aroma of almonds and much remains to be found in a tasty "menu" of modern beauty salons.

 An alternative to the sea: Comprehensive Spa-treatments

Stunning colors of the sunset, oriental music, the air is filled with aromas straight ... And how intoxicating sweet almond ... But in the summer in the eastern countries too hot: heat and sizzling sun ruthless towards tourists. However flavor of these places, their aura is very attractive. "Relax," up there with the proper comfort and without exhausting heat is now easy. This summer in the manicure room leading beauty salons you can enjoy the charm of the East thanks nights Almond SPA-manicure   by CND. The dizzying aroma of sweet walnut and magnificent hand care, relaxing and rejuvenating effect will make you believe in a 1002 tale of Scheherazade. Collection of preparations for the almond SPA-manicure is designed to moisturize, cleanse and nourish the skin with jojoba oil and vitamin E, which will give hands soft, smooth and healthy glow.

Enjoy the best SPA-Resorts World this summer, their moods, manners and culture in modern beauty studios and beauty salons. Innovative treatments will become a great alternative to the sea and give you unforgettable pleasure and relaxation.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina
Source: Based on materials OleHaus