"As it is fashionable to be operated in the autumn-winter 2010/2011? "- Say the most famous plastic
 Autumn is not only the beginning of the next business year, the start of the training sessions, as well as mass weddings, giving rise to new families. September - this month for approval of underlying trends, and trends that will dominate next summer. This is evident in everything: lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Speaking of beauty, it is worth noting that in aesthetic medicine has its seasonality.

It is now in clinics and salons begins the influx of patients seeking transformation, as cool to the best of the sunny weather - this is the time of grace for the recovery corrections. We decided to find out from Moscow's leading surgeons, which "know-how" they offer in season 2010 - 2011.

Otari Gogiberidze, a leading plastic surgeon Group clinics KLAZKO

 "As it is fashionable to be operated in the autumn-winter 2010/2011? "- Say the most famous plastic

For me, this year will face! In the sense that I want to improve me mastered in the last season innovative methods - such as lifting with the use of microscopic boards latches Endotine and application of endoscopic surgical techniques .  Of course, my major operations traditionally remain as popular as the correction rhinoplasty and breast enlargement .  Speaking of the latter, I should note that, together with a group of scientists, we are engaged in the study of the shells of implants for breast enlargement - we want to determine what the most secure dentures and provide a secure fit .  Abroad, these studies are carried out for a long time, and here we have this little deal .  So it is necessary to fill the gap .  So this year will be even and eventually the accumulation of theoretical base, which then would need to carry people .  After all, plastic is actively developing in the most remote regions .  I, for example, invited in September to make a training course on Endotine Vladivostok . 

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 "As it is fashionable to be operated in the autumn-winter 2010/2011? "- Say the most famous plastic
 Edward Shihirman, owner and chief surgeon of the hospital Dr. Shihirman

In our clinic, the autumn months - this time transactions that give the most pronounced aesthetic result .  I'm talking about rhinoplasty and breast endoprosthesis in adult patients .  As well as correcting droopy ears at first-graders ... The fact is that during this period many people start a new kind of life: someone goes to school, college, company or institution and into the society in which it is not known how you looked before .  It is clear that our patients want to see the new team took them with the best hand .  And they tend to make their appearance more effectively to get rid of complexes and acquire 100% confidence .  As for personal improvement, for me the most interesting winter and spring - this time, thoughtful work of the surgeon and the patient over appearance .  Carrying out totally, often with elements of reconstruction operations: complex facelift, abdominal volume correction and improvement of the results of unsuccessful operations performed where the patient whatsoever .  I am extremely interested to deal with difficult cases - each of them is unique, and successful completion of such corrections to me better than any other skill enhancements .

 "As it is fashionable to be operated in the autumn-winter 2010/2011? "- Say the most famous plastic
 Bakirhanov Sarwar, head of the department of reconstructive plastic surgery CDB JSC "Russian Railways", the developer of the author's procedures intimate female and male plastic

Five years ago, an intimate plastic was not talked about publicly, but the operations are carried out, and in sufficient quantities .  Three years ago, the subject began to discuss with each other in the halls of hospitals, patients at specialized forums, and then - with a cup of coffee .  In Europe and America operations, improving the functionality and appearance of the genitals, and thus improve the quality of sexual life, have long been considered the norm .  It has become the norm, and we .  I know all the classic, conventional global medical community, techniques performing any operation of section of intimate plastic reconstructive surgery .  For years, honing skills, today I can say that in this area has brought a lot of their own methods and techniques that are designed to reduce injuries, speed healing and minimize complications and improve the aesthetic result .  My plan for this year - cooperation with the Russian patent medical organizations .

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 "As it is fashionable to be operated in the autumn-winter 2010/2011? "- Say the most famous plastic
 Ilya Sergeev, the owner and chief surgeon of the hospital Dr.Plastic

At our clinic operates Russia's only specialized center breast augmentation, where plastic surgeons practice the corresponding specialization .  At the planning stage, we apply the correction unparalleled technique highly realistic simulation of the physical results of the operation .  First, we scan all the parameters of the patient, then in accordance with the recommendations of the surgeon about suitable for these breast implants a computer system holds "virtual operation" .  At the end of the patient to see three-dimensional images will look like her breasts with certain implants - this is cinema-like 3D-MAX! If she does not like the result, we can change the parameters of the implant (size, shape, height and profile), as well as to simulate its optimal location .  And so long as we do not get the perfect option .  This excludes the result of dissatisfaction with the operation in the future, and this kind of quality assurance .  Then our task - to bring all into practice .  In addition, we have developed our own system of reference of patients after surgery .  All this allows us to carry out the largest number of operations to improve the shape and volume of the breast in Moscow .  This year we are introducing two other innovations: a minimally invasive face lift with the help of the Spanish Silhouette Lift threads and atraumatic liposuction water jet on the German machine Body Jet .  Last allows you to immediately use the extracted fatty substance for lipofillinga, that is giving extra volume in those parts of the face and body, where it is needed . 

 "As it is fashionable to be operated in the autumn-winter 2010/2011? "- Say the most famous plastic
 Elchin Mammadov, a leading plastic surgery aesthetic medicine clinic "Lantset" at the Central Clinical Hospital №1 Office of the President of the Russian Federation

If the theater begins with a hanger, the beautiful face, of course, with a view .  American plastic surgeons conducted the study: two women with almost identical signs of aging have made the first high-quality eyelid, and the second - Neck Lift .  Transfiguration the first woman noticed everything, and the second - very few .  In conversation, we pay more attention to the eyes, the eyes - is the first thing a man hiding under a hat and sunglasses when he wants to hide ... In this age of plastic surgery of options aimed at improving the look is very limited .  Standard, which is owned by surgeons - is the excision of excess skin and fat, or "bags under the eyes" .  This often does not improve, and worsen the picture .  Specializing in volume endoscopic facial rejuvenation, I have adopted in their techniques Roszdravnadzor three integrated total facelift .  Now I wonder do modeling periorbital area, expand the arsenal of techniques in this field .  Pulling temples and forehead, aligning the position of the eyebrows by removing the overhanging frontal bone and eye socket is stuck filling in adipose tissue, we get a very different quality of rejuvenation - new look .  Look at the reference person Catherine Zeta's Jones, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie - they all have a tail eyebrows swelling baby .  Adding volume to their patients in these areas, I follow that surgeons do every day in Hollywood .