Cold or cryo wraps
 Many people know about the hot wraps. This procedure is very useful for the skin, helps to lose weight and rid the body of toxins and wastes. However, not everyone knows that wraps may be cold. This procedure is also very useful for the body. Hot and cold wraps differ among themselves. What's the difference?

If during the hot wraps main task - to warm up the skin and blood vessels, during the cold (or cryo wraps), on the contrary, the whole effect is created by cooling. That is why it is necessary to cool the composition is not higher than room temperature. The added hot wrapping products having a warming effect (honey mustard, caffeine, etc.), and in the cold, on the contrary, it is best to put menthol or mint.

Why recommended cold wraps

They affect the skin by narrowing the pores and blood vessels. From the lymph tissue is torn away, taking with them the toxins and wastes. But it happens by means of the internal organs. All excess material leaving the body through the kidneys and liver. What is the result? Cools the tissue constricts blood vessels, removes excess water improves metabolism and improves skin tone. In addition, to warm the body begins to actively break down fats.

Cold wraps have proven themselves in the fight against cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin when to increase its elasticity. They relieve fatigue in the legs, eliminate swelling. Well suited to those who have a lot of time during the day holds standing.

 Cold or cryo wraps

Cryo wraps, as well as hot, are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, skin lesions, and allergies to the components, gynecological diseases, cystitis and diseases of the digestive tract. But varicose veins cold wrap welcome. That it can help in eliminating cellulite.

The most common cold wrap carried out by experts in the salons. For example, the ozone-based gel. This procedure works well for varicose veins.

Cryo wrapping can be done at home. The optimal duration of treatment - 20-30 minutes. For cold wraps can be purchased at pharmacies and cosmetic stores special formulations, creams and gels. On sale there are ready-soaked bandages for wrapping. You can prepare the necessary products and make a mask itself.

Cold wrap with algae . Laminaria or ficus (proda.tsya in pharmacies), are soaked in water at 18-20 ° C for 2-3 hours. The same algae soaking can be used twice. Composition may be used to store a maximum of three days. Further procedure is the same as during the hot wraps. The composition is applied to clean skin. You can use a cotton cloth soaked in the resulting infusion. When cold wrap is not recommended to apply the entire body, but only on problem areas. Further, the film is superimposed on top of the seaweed. You can use plain food that is sold in grocery stores. Dress warmly and take cover with a blanket to wrap the cold is not necessary. Throw on top of the film your normal clothes. After 20-30 minutes rinse composition applied in the shower and apply moisturizer.

 Cold or cryo wraps
 Cold wrap with blue clay . The clay is soaked in water at room temperature. This mask is very good for the treatment of blood vessels. Clay contains many nutrients and micronutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, iron and others.). Effectively it helps fight cellulite silicon, which is part of the clay. You can add it to the algae.

Wrap with water and vinegar . Are mixed in proportions of 1: 1. Water is taken at room temperature. Add a few drops of peppermint oil (can be replaced by an orange or lemon). Such a composition can be held on the body of up to 60 minutes.

Wrap potatoes . Crude vegetable Grate and applied to the body. It nourishes and softens the skin, gives a lifting effect, tightens and tones. You can keep it up to 50 minutes.

Wrapping based agar . 1 tbsp. spoon mixed with the yolks of two eggs, and 20 drops of camphor oil. It applied to the body for 20 minutes.

Essential wraps . In 500ml of water taken 7-8 drops of essential oil. Recommended peppermint, citrus, rose, ginseng, rose, lavender, juniper oil. It is best to use soaked in this part of the fabric such as a sheet. She wrapped the problem areas of the body. Top can be covered with dry blankets.

In order to achieve greater effect, cold packs can be alternated with hot. The effect usually occurs after the first procedure. Recommended course wraps 10-12 with intervals of 2-3 days.
Author: Natalia Romanova