Dermatoniya - massage for health and beauty
 Who does not want to be the owner of perfect appearance? Unfortunately, on the way to her all kinds of obstacles often arise suddenly appeared in the form of swelling, cellulite, stretch marks, excess weight, has lost elasticity of the skin, wrinkles. To cope with problems can help dermatoniya.

What is the meaning dermatonii?

The inventor of this method and apparatus is Skintonic Karagozyan Serge, a French physiotherapist. A method in 1991. Dermatonii philosophy is simple. Skin - is not just a protective skin covering our body. This is - a body which works in unity with all our body. According to her, both in the open book, you can read all the internal problems. Due to stress, malnutrition and other adverse factors and the formation of zones dermalgii   (derma - skin, algia - soreness), ie, painful areas, which disrupt the normal metabolic processes. They can be both large and tiny - small seal the size of a pinhead. The visible result of problems - cellulite, swelling, problems with the skin tone. For the treatment, a special method that combines several types of massages.

Who on earth all the more beautiful?

When you notice a lot of dermatonii positive changes . You activate the metabolism and blood circulation, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the beauty and youthfulness of our skin, improves tissue nutrition, leave toxins. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure, but it is recommended that a minimum of 10 sessions (2-3 per week).

 Dermatoniya - massage for health and beauty

How it all happen?

The procedure involved a special apparatus with vacuum nozzles Which are different for the face and body. The pressure is chosen according to a special skin test, the fragility of vessels and individual experiences. The phone has two modes: continuous and pulsed suction.

Dermatoniya includes three stages:

• The first stage is carried out reflexology vacuum massage . Influencing certain reflex areas in areas which are visible disturbances can improve the internal organs, i.e. contribute to addressing the root causes. The device thus operates in a pulsed mode. Pulse frequency must correspond to the natural heart rhythm.

• Then comes the turn, depressomassazha . It helps fight cellulite, activates the lymphatic circulation, removes puffiness, restores skin elasticity, reduces the volume. It is an excellent tool to tighten the skin - for example, if you lost weight dramatically.

• The last stage depressodrenazh . Special moves beautician causes lymph to move in the direction of the lymph nodes. This cleans the body and fat deposits already broken vacuum.

Dermatoniya show you if:

• Any part of the body began to swell badly;

• you have any cellulite deposits - "orange peel" and stretch marks;

• there were dark circles and bags under the eyes;

• Have you noticed that the skin began to grow old, to sag, the first wrinkles, folds;

• you are experiencing metabolic or circulatory.

 Dermatoniya - massage for health and beauty

Caution Do not resort to dermatonii if:

• You have diseases of the cardiovascular system, severe varicose veins and excessive capillary fragility;

• you have a tumor formation;

• you are suffering from skin diseases;

• You are pregnant.

Is it enough to one dermatonii to maintain youth and beauty? As practice shows, the best effect can be achieved by means of integrated programs, so perfect - dermatonii combination with manual massage, anti-cellulite body wraps, ultrasound therapy, as well as sports and proper nutrition.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya