Floating - a heavenly delight
 Who among us does not dream to plunge into Nirvana, the world of harmony and weightlessness to forget about the problems, worries, work ... everything else and devote time for myself? Let this remain a rhetorical question. Now the dream can become a reality!

Before I open the card and talk about how you can experience weightlessness body and mind, a little background.

In distant from us fifties scientists whose aim was to study the human brain, it is assumed that if a person is completely isolated from the outside world, the activity of the brain cease. There were those who believed that in these conditions the opposite situation occurs - brain continues to work actively. The latest version has been experimentally proved, studies have been conducted in a special isolation chamber. Moreover, it failed to prove that in such circumstances the mental and emotional capacity is restored quickly. This method, it was decided to call Floating   (from Eng. float - float to the surface).

It is not surprising that this method have been actively used by NASA to train future astronauts. During the procedure, people felt almost weightless space.

Why am I telling you all this? The fact that now we have the opportunity to experience the weightlessness. Imagine now that no stress you are not afraid. It is enough to go through the procedure of floating and reborn again. It's no wonder they say that if even for a moment the people were able to get rid of stress, 90% of patients were able to forget about their ailments!

You just do not think that you fasten your seat belts and start to spin until you reach zero gravity ... Everything is much nicer and more comfortable. The session of floating passes in a special float chamber, where you can feel like a tourist at the Dead Sea. The water in large quantities, is added Epsom salts.

 Floating - a heavenly delight

 Floating - a heavenly delight

Such a salt solution and will be retained on the surface of our body, while experiencing a feeling of complete weightlessness. Now imagine that you do not disturb neither light nor sound nor any other stimuli. What else you need for total relaxation?

 Floating - a heavenly delight

No wonder it is believed that the most brilliant ideas come to people in a dream, but this statement is not entirely true. The fact that this is not happening in a dream, and, in the so-called theta state. You agree that this state of conscious experience is difficult, especially his control. Make it on forces only Buddhist monks and is not for everyone, as well as those who still took the time and decided to go through the procedure of floating.

Floating   - A great opportunity to be in solitude, allow yourself to dissolve in space, erasing all the faces and experience the ease of heavenly delight.

Besides the pleasure of floating procedure has healing effect. It helps get rid of stress, depression, improves sleep, stimulates the brain, improves physical fitness, relieves pain, reduces physical stress, contributes to sporting achievements and increases the effectiveness of the practice of yoga.

Now, thanks to the Floating you forget about your phobias and fears can get rid of bad habits, forget about fatigue, improve your health, will be able to get rid of arthritis pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

And how important this treatment for pregnant women, especially in the period when the spine and lower back is subjected to the greatest stress and stress! Floating just need the expectant mother and the baby, not only to relax. It is important that expectant mothers can permanently relieve stress related to her pregnancy and childbirth, because we all know that stress, which is experiencing a pregnant woman passed her baby.

 Floating - a heavenly delight

After the session you will see a world of floating very different eyes.

Remember that the ability to relax - is an art, which is necessary to comprehend the feeling, really, slowly.
Author: MIRovaya