Freeze skin problems: all about cryomassage
 Cryo - is not a new word in cosmetology, but this effective method of anti-aging and skin imperfections, as well as some skin diseases know not all. Just one or two course of treatment "cold treatment" will help restore the elasticity of the skin, a healthy complexion, as well as significantly reduce acne and scarring. It would seem that such a procedure should be miraculous is quite expensive, but is a method of rejuvenation cryomassage available to the masses, and this is its great advantage. Today we tell about how to freeze the skin problems and aging with the help of cryomassage.

What cryomassage?

Cryo - a massage apparatus, in which the application of liquid nitrogen to the skin it quickly evaporates and cools the skin and launches metabolism. Skin exposed to liquid nitrogen cooled to 0 degrees, which causes vasospasm and sharp contraction followed by gradual expansion and regeneration of cells. After the procedure greatly increases the body's resistance to the negative effects.

 Freeze skin problems: all about cryomassage

The procedure is absolutely painless and even pleasant man while she feels a rush of blood to the skin and warm. Usually the procedure cryomassage person lasts from 3 to 7-8 minutes. Cryo can be performed almost anywhere on the body - even on the scalp, for example, to accelerate the growth of hair or baldness. Let's look at the main indications for the procedure cryomassage:

• Acne and pimples purulent:   after a course cryomassage greatly reduced and become less pronounced, and in some cases disappear completely;

• Scars on the skin:   After 10 treatments there is a significant improvement, the scars fade gradually smoothed;

• Acne:   is a disease of the skin in the form of multiple lesions and subcutaneous mite causes tuberosity. Cryo helps significantly improve skin condition and prevent the proliferation of subcutaneous mite;

• Swelling.   One of the main indications for cryomassage is swelling. Typically kriomassazh administered after various treatments in the skin, causing swelling, it can be used as a treatment after plastic surgery. Cryomassage also helps with natural facial puffiness, bags under the eyes;

• sallow skin and circles under the eyes   can also be removed using cryomassage;

• Enlarged pores:   cryomassage after they are narrowed, the skin looks smooth and velvety;

• The first signs of aging.   Cryomassage includes protective function of the skin, reduces wrinkles and helps rapid regeneration;

• Excessive fat   - Perhaps one of the most important indications for cryomassage. It helps regulate sebum, resulting in post-treatment skin becomes dull, reducing the amount of acne;

• Cellulite.   Yes, the common female ailment is also treated cryomassage. However, despite its high efficacy, it is kriomassazh not often used for these purposes.

• Alopecia.   Often alopecia recommend stimulate the scalp and this may aid in liquid nitrogen. Its effect awakens the dormant hair follicles and as a result, grow new hair.

 Freeze skin problems: all about cryomassage

Despite such a huge amount of evidence, cryomassage has a number of contraindications. Here are some of them:

• Inflammatory processes in the active stage of the skin;

• Infectious diseases, herpes;

• Couperose (located close to the skin surface vessels);

• Allergy to cold;

• Psychological unpreparedness for this procedure;

• nerve disorders.

 Freeze skin problems: all about cryomassage

Cryo - a procedure that is available to many and at the same time is very effective, it can be carried out both in the beauty parlor, and health facilities.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya