Frost and sun - a wonderful day! Or a few words about winter manicure and pedicure
 "Frost and sun, a wonderful day ..." - so begins one of the poems AS Pushkin, known to us from childhood. In fact, the winter - one of the most anticipated times of the year. After a fun-filled, noisy summer comes autumn quiet and cozy. And this fall, we are already beginning to think about their favorite Christmas holidays, gifts, decorations, look forward to skiing, winter walks ...

However, apart from these nice things there are some points that are worth paying attention to at least closely: it is the condition of our skin and nails.

As a rule, in October begins the heating season, which means that the air in homes and offices becomes drier, and this is reflected on the state of our health. It's time to take care of our arms and legs.

Ladies who prefer a natural look marigold, it may be advisable to pay attention to these kinds of manicure sparing, as a European, hot or hardware. Let us dwell on the differences between these types of classical edging manicure.

European manicure   It is designed for those who by nature thin skin, delicate cuticle, and it is performed with the use of softening agents, keratolytics to remove the cuticle, soften the skin side bolsters. After applying the product master gently removes dead skin cells stick from an orange tree (or a plastic manicure Stick with replaceable tip), then evropemzoy -Special little abrasive stone - handles side bolsters, to soften and exfoliate chapped parts. Ends of the application of oil to nourish and moisturize the cuticle and, on request, massage hands.

Hardware manicure   for those who regularly care for their nails. It performs special professional machine, using tips of different shapes and abrasiveness. In the end it is also applied to oil for cuticles, massage on request.

Hot manicure   - The procedure is much less demand in the salons, but quite popular among clients of private masters. Your pen is dipped into a bath with heated special hand lotion, then perform the procedure classical cuticle cutting. Rounding out the same way as the above types of manicure.

How do they differ from the classic manicure? Primarily no softening bath by water. Since water itself dries the delicate skin in the winter is often the case the situation does not help even the addition of softening agents. Also, the procedure cuticle cutting: the larger crop this tender skin, the more rapidly it grows and becomes more coarse. The lotion is used in the hot manicure differs gentle effect on the skin. Hardware and European manicure mimic the natural exfoliation, and as a result, allow the cuticle does not grow as fast.

 Frost and sun - a wonderful day! Or a few words about winter manicure and pedicure
   In addition to arms, our legs, trudyazhki require much attention. Despite wearing a soft, closed shoes, many women are not evenly distribute the load on feet, constantly wearing high-heeled boots. Hence the formation of calluses and corns, which must be removed by a pedicure blades. But then comes to help professional pedicure . With its use of corns removed less painful and more effective, as simulated by a process of natural exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the skin.

All enjoyed great success and the relatively recent "Cream" pedicure Or wrap. His fundamental difference is the application of a special creamy composition razmyagchyayuschego rough skin stop, then leaving without blades. The effect of the type of care persists for a very long time.

However, perhaps the most pleasant and spectacular treatment for the winter - paraffin hand and foot Representing the paraffin baths and toes. Several procedures promote tissue repair and healing of wounds and the skin looks younger before our eyes, and the infant becomes soft. The complex includes: cleansing feet (hands) in small scrub, and then perform the massage cream, and then the foot (brush) dipped in a special tray with hot paraffin 5-7 times that of the skin formed a dense layer of wax. Then, put plastic bags, and on top - terry mittens. The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes. The procedure provides excellent skin hydration, restores moisture balance, whiten skin. However, there is a contraindication not recommended paraffin therapy for people suffering from varicose veins.

 Frost and sun - a wonderful day! Or a few words about winter manicure and pedicure
   Of course, do not always have modern women enough time for frequent visits to the salons and their masters, so an integral part of efforts to preserve its beauty is intramural care . Regular use of moisturizers (lotions, creams) will allow you to maintain a radiant look to your skin, well-groomed hands and feet. In today's market the great abundance of cosmetics, among which we can highlight the professional line of OPI, Orly, Ez Flow, Creative, you can buy yourself in many stores.

Let us take care of our hands and feet, and they will appreciate it!

In the next article we will talk about the most pleasant things - New Year's design of nails!
Author: Anna Naykina master nail service