General cleaning of your cosmetic
 Getting rid of old cosmetics.

Before you stock up on new makeup, throw everything old and unnecessary. Namely obsolete shadows, dried ink, overflowing the old foundation and lipstick. Be demanding of all that you have not used for over six months or expired must be a matter of seconds in the trash.

The right tools

It is impossible to imagine a good artist without a good brush. So why do you suppose makeup without good tools? Each should include a cosmetic eyelash curling, mirror, brush for applying shadow, blush brush, eyebrow tweezers and nail file. You have something missing? Immediately purchase!

Beauty is changing as the seasons

Like your wardrobe, cosmetics and should be changed every season. In winter, the eyelids should be dark and opaque, while as lip color should be bright and showy. During the summer, reduce the brightness: leave the lips and eyes as naturally as possible, and use toners moisturizers instead of heavy foundation. Detect "gaps" in your purse and try to fix them.

Make a list

The next thing you need to take - make a list of what you need to do with the skin and make-up to improve their condition. You might want to go through makeup, eye makeup to make more dramatic or highlight cheekbones. Come up with five points and make them their main objectives.

Talk to friends

Often the most honest advice about your makeup you can get from your friends. Arrange the bachelorette party with champagne and canapes, and make sure no one forgot to bring a beautician. Try makeup each other and mark that suits you best.

Just add light

The most common mistake in make-up - to put it in a bad and wrong lighting. To avoid too much purple cheeks and smeared eyes, apply makeup in a well-lit room (with lots of windows), and a large mirror.

Consult an expert

And now you're ready for the most exciting part: creation of a new image. Choose your favorite brand of cosmetics, and, importantly, the one you can afford. Now, armed with a list, heading for the nearest store for assistance consultant - this service provides the majority of the well-known brands and brand-name stores. Most likely, the shop assistants try to entice you to buy a completely unnecessary in your cosmetic bag products. Try to focus on the list you created and ignore these marketing tricks.
Author: Ann, New York