How to even out skin tone?
 Why do we think that the tone of the skin - the most important task in the care of her?

The key to a flawless face - even skin tone. Even the most beautiful women in the world from time to time need help in this difficult case.

Sozdvaya correct, smooth and natural skin tone, you perform the most important task when applying makeup. The secret is to make the face look as if you did not apply cosmetics. There are several steps to smooth skin tone.

Rule 1. Exfoliate

Without weekly exfoliation on it it is going to a huge number of dead skin cells that contaminate surface and clog the pores, causing you to look not just sad, but even older than his years. Without proper "delamination" makeup base will not align the skin, and moisturizers will not be properly absorbed.

Special exfoliating face scrub with chemical peels, alpha and beta acids or other products containing vitamins A, like Retin-A.

Rule 2. Prepare face

Tones and toning moisturizers lie on the face moisturized better than dry. Apply on face base containing SPF-filter. If you do not have the basics, fit and moisturizer with SPF. Ensure that the SPF-filters of at least 15.

Rule 3. Align the skin tone

The next step - applying foundation or moisturizer toner. They must be chosen and perfectly match your skin. If the cream is too light, or vice versa, the dark, it will be very noticeable. Apply the cream only on the areas that need it most: this is usually the nose, cheeks and chin.

Rule 4. Carefully mask the circles under your eyes, spots and pimples

A few drops of concealer under the eyes to stand out and to help eliminate spots "sinewy" and "blue" patches under the eyes, which affects many women. Remember that should not rub the concealer and apply pat.

Rule 5. Prepare lids

Even if you are not going to use the shade, you still need to apply foundation on the eyelids to even out skin tone, and in the field. A lot of the women here have blue veins. Disguise their foundation to the whole skin was smooth.

Rule 6. Give a little color

Once the tone is aligned, you will notice that the skin lacks color. Give her a bronze or pink blush. Apply bronzer powder large fluffy brush on relevant areas: the forehead, cheeks and nose.

Rule 7. Complete image

Your last step in the achievement of a perfect complexion - the application of powder. I myself often skip this step because I like a little wet face effect. Plus, I'm pretty lazy. But many makeup artists insist on it.

Now that your face is fully prepared, you will notice that it is not necessary to put a lot of makeup on her eyes to look spectacular and fresh. A little mascara and gloss enough for most women to look stunning.
Author: Ann, New York