If the bath, only ofuro
 What Russian does not love a bath? Yes, and not only Russian, but also virtually all the peoples love pamper themselves in the bath. It is not only pleasant procedure, but also very useful. That's just one question - what better to choose a bath?

In fact, there are so many different kinds of baths. For me was the opening Japanese bath ofuro .

Ofuro different from our idea, should look like a real room. Ofuro is not a separate bathroom. Japanese bath is a wooden barrel made of oak or cedar, equipped with electric heating system. As they say - small but precious. And it's true, it's hard to imagine that such a small barrel can improve your health, get rid of those hazardous substances that have accumulated in our body. It is also a great way for a time to remove the accumulated fatigue and stress, because water can not yet such wonders.

 If the bath, only ofuro

A visit to a bath - a real ceremony. If you think that it is enough to sit in a barrel, close your eyes and forget about everything, then you are deeply mistaken. The Japanese are such a ceremony in another way. First, you will be met and only wish all the best, because the greeting should be sure to configure the client to rest not only the body but the soul.

- The first phase - is rinsing. And how could it be otherwise? It is necessary to wash off all the bad thoughts and fatigue, because you have to go to the bath with the "pure" head and bright ideas.

- The second stage - dive. Client immersed in a barrel, where the water temperature is 40 degrees. It's time to relax? Not at all.

- Then you need to dive into another oak barrels, in which water is heated to 50 degrees. After this immersion, our body begins to adapt to such heat. Moreover, Japanese flavored water added in salt and high aromamasla for more relaxing effect.

- This procedure does not end there. A professional massage therapist will make for you a relaxing massage, shoulder, neck and face. Ah, what bliss!

- The following is the final stage - dive into the barrel with a dry pine sawdust, herbs and oils, which are pre-heated.

 If the bath, only ofuro

After this procedure, you start to feel like your skin absorbs these healing substances, the skin is cleaned, tightened, and breathing out tension. After such bliss you again waiting for a relaxing massage, but already on the couch. Of course, it completes the enjoyment of these things tea ceremony. What else do you need for happiness?

 If the bath, only ofuro

Who should Ofuro?

This room is perfect for people who are subjected to daily stress, those who suffer from chronic insomnia or lack of sleep. Also ofuro will return the form to young mums. Generally, after this procedure, women can safely forget about lifting, lifting, and in general about wrinkles. As well as overweight. Japanese bath will take care of your beauty and prolong your youth.

Ofuro also recommended for people suffering from kidney disease, cardiovascular system, obesity, metabolic problems. In addition, the Japanese bath ofuro is an excellent prevention against colds.

This therapeutic effect is achieved due to the fact that during sweating opens pores. Actually, our skin through the pores of the biggest highlights of various harmful substances, but is also able to absorb all the nutrients contained in water. That is why the Japanese added to salt water, oil, and various useful natural substance.

 If the bath, only ofuro

I hope you will appreciate bath ofuro, imbued with the traditions of ancient Japan and get this not only fun but also benefits.
Author: MIRovaya