Injections of beauty
 As we always want to look young and beautiful! To catch yourself admiring glances of men and nice compliments friends and colleagues. But, alas, after crossing the 30-year milestone nature is not on our side. Each new day leaves its mark on the first young and fresh face.

Sad changes comprehend the woman as the addition of past years can not but cause frustration. Facial proportions are changing corners of the eyes gravitate to the bottom, cheeks become more sunken, and his chin - sluggish. As if young we feel, I want to regain lost ground, and sometimes it is the strongest desire.

Aesthetic medicine offers just two scenarios to solve the problem. First - surgical correction, the second - beauty injections. Naturally, many of the fair sex preference for the second option. Quickly, traumatizing, no serious contraindications and most importantly, you can rejuvenate "on the job".

What are the shots of beauty?

As the name implies, is the introduction of the active substance into the skin through a needle. But do not confuse the rejuvenation injections beauty sessions with mesotherapy. Between these procedures there are significant differences.

Mesotherapy   - Is the introduction of micro-doses of drugs in the problem area. Indications for its use - acne, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, rosacea, alopecia, and others. The composition of the cocktail for mesotherapy with vitamins and minerals, elastin, collagen, plant extracts, organic acids and lipolitiki. To effect of the procedure was palpable, should withstand the course of five to fifteen procedures. The result will please you to one year, provided that you maintain its special events.

Injections of beauty   - A single injection of two kinds of preparations - botulinum toxin or a filler. Indications for injection - the fight against age-related changes in the face. Effect procedures will be held from three to twelve months.

What's on the tip of the needle?

Fillers   - Different densities are gels based on biocompatible materials. The most common components of the composition - calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid. The preferred density of the gel in each case determined by the physician. So, to fill the thin surface of wrinkles selected soft gels, in the case of medium-sized and very deep wrinkles - dense gels. Fillers are valuable because they not only fill the volume of wrinkles, leveling the skin, but also stimulate the production of collagen! Since the introduction of the drug is completely dissolved, then excreted naturally.

Botulinum toxin   - Injection of drugs is "botox", "disport", "lantoks." For more than 25 years international practice method of correction of wrinkles in this way to perfection. Modern drugs have little to do with the term "toxin". It is not "poison" in the conventional sense, but a muscle relaxant effect of the drug, which means muscle relaxation, which was given an injection. With the help of botulinum toxin can forget about the existence of such problems as wrinkles, folds in the area between the eyebrows, sagging or sunken cheeks, horizontal forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, this therapy will help to raise the tip of the nose, lift the corners of the mouth, smooth the wrinkles around the lips and reduce unnecessarily protruding chin.

To achieve a perfect result Aesculapius Aesthetic Medicine Botulinum combined with other cosmetic treatments - mesotherapy, peelings, biorevitalization and contour plastics.

 Injections of beauty

Will the victims?

The rule of "Beauty requires sacrifice" for beauty injections are not covered! Even if you have underestimated the pain threshold, the maximum that you feel - a little discomfort. The fact is that before Botulinum skin copiously lubricated anesthetic, and during affixing analgesic filler is added directly to the gel.

With regard to the adverse reactions which may occur after the procedure, their range is very low - swelling and tenderness of the injection site bruising. But it's worth noting that they are fast enough.

Light my mirror, tell me ...

It is a legitimate question, over what period of time you will be fine after putting beauty injections. If we talk about rejuvenation through contouring, that is, through the introduction of fillers, the effect will be noticeable right away, but Botulinum take time to rejuvenate you in full force. Visible wrinkles will occur in 2-3 days, but the final result you will see only two weeks.

Whether maintenance therapy?

The result of injection in beauty needs no further maintenance. However, doctors still recommend that you follow certain guidelines to keep it for a longer period. In the starting position, that is, the removal of the effect of action of drugs return - maintenance of health with the help of potent drugs, alcohol abuse, expressed love for bath, sauna and solarium.

Stay young and beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova