Massage spoons for health and beauty
 "The road spoon for dinner! "Said our grandmothers, giving delicious dishes on the table. But they know at least one more way the use of conventional spoons. Who would have thought that the cutlery can help in maintaining a woman's beauty, youth and health? Massage spoons - an innovative salon procedure that can be successfully carried out at home.

That's how the woman that everything that is done in the cabin - a priori, efficiently, professionally and efficiently. However, some domestic procedures in no way inferior to salon activities. Massage spoons, just one of them!

The author of this practice massage is a German beautician Rene Koch. According to him, lozhechnym massage throughout his life enjoyed his mom that old age kept the freshness and youthfulness of the skin, perfect complexion and beautiful form. Koch's merit is that he not only improved the knowledge obtained from the mother, but also summed up the scientific basis for them. After investigation, it became clear spoons massage improves blood circulation and lymph flow, removes excess fluid from the tissues of the body, gives clarity oval face, and makes muscles more elastic.

The beneficial effects of having a massage and spoons on the woman's body. The perennial problem of the beautiful half of humanity - cellulite on thighs and fat rolls around the abdomen successfully solved using this simple method. All you need to start procedures - a couple of tablespoons and a desire to change themselves.

 Massage spoons for health and beauty

Massage in the cabin spoons

To understand how to do a massage at home, look at how it is done in the best salons in Russia.

The procedure itself is simple, pleasant and relaxing. Exactly what you need after a hard day's work or perform many household chores. You're lying on the couch and cosmetologist alternately dips a spoon into prepared in advance cold and hot oils and conducts them through your body. Naturally, it is not random, but precisely on the massage lines with a view to address the desired objectives.

The two most popular types of massage

- Massage for the young and attractive person;
- Anti-cellulite massage of thighs and buttocks.

Massage spoons for young and attractive faces

It is best to carry out this procedure in the morning. After waking up the necessary hygienic measures and prepare a container of finely crushed ice. Dip into it for a few seconds, spoons and then attach them to the eyelids. With the help of these manipulations in a few minutes you will get rid of morning puffiness and make it less noticeable dark "balconies" under the eyes. In the future, this massage promises to improve visual acuity as a massage surface interacts with a spoon biotochkami located around the eyes.

The second stage of the procedure would be the stimulation of the face of the massage lines. Grease spoon cosmetic oil or a nourishing cream and carefully walk on the surface of the face. Pay special attention to the area at the base of the eyebrows. If you regularly perform a circular motion from the eyebrows to the temples, you can get rid of wrinkles.

The next step will be the formation of massage (tightening) of the oval face. Spend just a few spoonfuls of the point projecting cheekbones to the chin, and then to the base of the neck. Over time, the skin in this area will become more elastic and flexible.

 Massage spoons for health and beauty

Massage spoons against the "orange peel"

The basic movement spoons in the practice - a circular. First spoon massage the skin surface in a clockwise direction, then - against.

During the study area in a clockwise direction must act with a little pressure, while the massage is carried out counterclockwise - do not in any case impossible. The reason is simple, such actions could provoke the reverse flow of tissue fluid that is unsafe.

So, we proceed to massage. Let us fat deposits on the stomach. Dip the spoon in cold oil and drive it in a clockwise direction around the navel, increasing the diameter of circular movements until until worked through the whole problem area. A job well done will help get rid of fat, and would be a good influence on the digestive system.

The next stage of the massage actions aimed at elaboration of the thighs and buttocks. Take two spoons, immerse them in cold oil and attach to the bottom border of the buttocks exactly in the middle. Massage the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach buttock with circular movements from the center to the sides and then up. Then massage spoons inner thigh of each leg, moving from the bottom up, then - the outside.

Having mastered the practice of massage, repeat all the movements, lubricating chilled spoon anti-cellulite cream.

Following the advice of MySharm, you will always be young, healthy and attractive. Stay with us to become a more perfect!
Author: Natalia Bartukova