Procedures taboo on the eve of
 On the nose the holiday? Then it's time to decide what should be done in advance without delay at the last moment, so as not to bite the bullet. Before any festival wants to look not just at 100% and all 200. Be sure to be the most charming and attractive. So I want to use the entire arsenal of women's stuff! But something better to do anything in advance or at all aside.

All of the following procedures is not desirable to do at the last minute for a very simple reason - to recover them takes time. At best, it takes a couple of hours, and at times - and a few days if the procedure was serious.

On that imposed the ban?

1. Chemical peeling . After that you can not look in the best way a day or even two. Unfortunately, you can never be sure exactly how the skin will perceive all the chemical components that are involved in this procedure. Usually acid cause inflammation and redness of the skin, which in some cases may even be covered with crust. Therefore, the period of rehabilitation after a chemical peel - at least two days.

2. Waxing   It requires the same time to recover. Waxing traumatize the skin, opening pores and creating inconspicuous eye cuts. After the procedure, you must use a soothing cream and make sure that in place of the injured did not get an infection, so a day or two it is better not to show his smooth skin, and cover it, leaving the street.

 Procedures taboo on the eve of

3. All sorts of Laser treatments . They are comfortable and good, but also leave behind inflammation and redness. The rehabilitation process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days!

4. Plucking eyebrows . If this is done before the holiday in the first place, you will not be able to put on inflamed areas of shadow, and, secondly, will surprise all red.

5. Steaming the face and use a scrub . Both procedures require a certain amount of time to recover and comes after their skin to normal.

6. The use of new, untested in the assets themselves . It threatens to allergies!

7. Squeezing pimples . In no case do not do it! It is better to apply foundation or, in extreme cases, be at the ceremony with black dots, not the sore red patches that arose due to the same injury to the skin's own efforts! Remember - to the inflammation subsided, it takes time. In addition, squeezing pimples always associated with risk of inflammation up to the boil. Why such risk?

8. Using tanning . You do not want to appear at the festival in the form of a spotty? But anything can happen, even if you apply it very carefully and accurately. Just can not see uneven application that can manifest itself on a holiday, when it will be impossible to fix anything. Add to this the fact that the skin can react badly to such interference rashes and irritation.

 Procedures taboo on the eve of

9. Radical haircut or coloring . It is safer to prefer beautiful styling. It is better to avoid sharp changes before an important moment. There is a risk that you do not like, and return sheared or disguise in the old color will not happen. Unsuccessful attempt to spoil your holiday and it will still be reminded of this - it will be enough only to look in the mirror. The procedures that are valid for the hair and scalp before a holiday - food and massages. And nothing more.

And one more thing - make sure that your manicure   be prepared in advance. Even if something suddenly happened - lacquer erased in some place or do you want to make up another nail varnish shade, it is better to refrain from the temptation. In a hurry, you can not let your nails dry out until the end and spoil the manicure in the road, and to perform it nor the time nor the opportunity will be gone!

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 Procedures taboo on the eve of
   Natalia, Recommend, please, what should be done if a pimple on his face jumped, and it is necessary, for example, appear on an important meeting or on holiday? What to do?

It may be such a nuisance when you expect some kind of meeting, and popped a pimple on his face. Objectively, it is best not to know any algorithm self-treatment and especially the removal of pimple. It is better to use special concealers. Fortunately, professional cosmetics market is full of such products. This special funds for local application of it on the pimple, which not only provide instant masking effect, but also provides a therapeutic effect. As part of such tools often contain salicylic acid, zinc and pigments. And, as soon as possible, consult a beautician or a dermatologist qualified for this task.

Author: Jan Kolosovskaya