Rules of "survival" in a beauty salon
 Are you sure you visit the salon a pleasant and useful activity? - That's right, but only if you know what you want and how to defend our rights!

Many of us hiking in the beauty salon is seen as "a celebration of life." During the procedure, you can turn away from worldly affairs, porelaksirovat a pleasant topic, purchase a quality experience in the care of their own appearance. For the money left in the cabin have been spent, and for the benefit of body and soul, the following guidelines.

Take your time!

During the first visit to the interior of the future customer is usually asked to fill out a questionnaire. It is necessary to choose the best beauty treatments and prevent possible side effects. You should carefully read every question honestly and fully answer it. So, if you are taking oral contraceptives, it is necessary to specify what kind. The fact is that high levels of estrogen in some preparations in conjunction with the salon treatment can cause the appearance of age spots. For this reason, while taking oral agents contraindicated do deep chemical peels.


The overriding visiting a beauty salon is a good rest. Try to make the most of the opportunity presented. Interact with an expert in their own interests. If you feel that cold, report it! During the adoption of a number of procedures you will be required to lie down on the couch and relax completely. The body temperature in this case may fall, so please warm up the room would be appropriate. You should not expose your health at risk to get colds.

Stipulate "rules"

One of the stages of body care can be a deep décolleté massage. If you are not configured for such a frank procedures better to warn the specialist about it, just that it corrected its action. Do not be afraid to seem "a bigot" - mutual understanding between the master and the customer occurs only after the transition to the confidence level that is not always possible at the first meeting.

 Rules of "survival" in a beauty salon

Take care of your comfort

During the recording of a particular type of massage has always specify what it is in the nature - curative or relaxing. For example, the modeling of the massage should not expect pleasant emotions, because the pressing force during the procedure is usually what causes pain. While lymphatic drainage technique on a par with the excellent result will give you a pleasant feeling.

Check the calendar

During the critical days, some procedures are perceived particularly sensitive. This is due to the fact that the lower part of the body often swells and the blood circulates faster. So, if you schedule a manual thigh study falls in the menstrual period, it is better to move.

Lunch - time!

Experts recommend to refrain from eating for an hour or two to visit the salon. The procedures are carried out on a full stomach, flatulence can be completed. It concerns only those whose adoption requires lying on his stomach, thereby preventing normal digestion of food.

Visually Outline!

If the wizard performs your professional make-up, do not be amiss to remember his actions, if necessary, to repeat them at home on their own. For this purpose, you can use a handheld mirror, guiding it in the desired direction.

 Rules of "survival" in a beauty salon

Be careful!

The beauty of class "luxury" items, and all the accessories needed for the procedure thoroughly sterilized or disposable use. Make sure to crafting a package, which hold metal tools after disinfection, opened directly in front of you. Alternatively, you can bring in a private salon tools.

Look at both!

Correcting eyebrows, stands out for the wizard to use wax to remove only vellus hair, the shape of eyebrows with tweezers attached. Otherwise, if awkward movement can lose those hairs that were supposed to guarantee you a nice bend. At the end of the procedure, avoid touching the eye area a couple of hours. In doing so, you minimize the chance to pick up an infection. If you stained eyebrows, a few days or use products containing AHA acids and oils, because they can "wash out" the paint.

Do not hesitate to truth!

Before deciding on a new haircut, tell the wizard how much time you're willing to spend on its styling and as usual you are caring for your hair. If you regularly apply curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers - accent on it. Then choose the option hairdresser hairstyle not only according to your wishes, but also temporary opportunities for its daily "use".

Great holiday with you for the benefit of body and soul!
Author: Natalia Bartukova